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Young netsurfing addict Max Faraday spends his days browsing the web and chatting with his anonymous online gal pal, but when he downloads a mysterious file, he's heading off the web and into the adventure of his life.

McLean, Virginia- International Operations headquarters.

Ben Santini is being debriefed by Frank Colby about an agent who was once associated with John Lynch named Christie Blaze . But Santini can't believe it because he says he saw Blaze die once upon a time.

Meanwhile in New York, Christie Blaze is being chased by a force known as The Rath . She is able to slow them down for a bit but they keep pursuing her.

In San Diego, California, Max Faraday and his friend Devan Lawless discuss heading out for a night on the town. Max would rather stay home and chat with his online girlfriend which aggravates Devan to no end.

Back in New York, Blaze is cornered by The Rath and their leader Lord Acheron . Blaze runs into a copy store and over to a computer where she inserts a disc. The Rath open fire on the store killing everyone inside. Lord Acheron kills Christie Blaze. Just then, a man named Jesthra appears to check on The Rath. They retrieve the disc Blaze stole but fail to notice she's already uploaded the information onto a computer and sent it out into the internet.

Back at Max's place, Devan is looking up porn while Max reads. Devan comes across a mysterious file on a government website and decides to hack it. The information appears to be binary code. Just then, Max's sister Jenny arrives and Devan leaves to talk to her. But shortly thereafter they both hear Max scream as his computer blows up in his face. Max says he's ok but the place is wrecked and the power is out.

At the scene of the copy store massacre, the police try to make sense of it while a group known as The Fallen looks on and is relieved that Blaze was able to keep what they call the "Creation Equation" away from The Rath.

In Jerusalem, Cardinal Lazarus receives the report from Jesthra that the Creation Equation was not on the disc they recovered. Lazarus demands that it be found.

Max appears to be ok but Jenny still voices her concern. But Max insists that he go to work or else he'll lose his job. As Max and Devan talk outside, agents of The Rath watch them.

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I've been meaning to read this for over 10 years 0

I'm glad that I finally did.It seems like its gonna be a pretty interesting series.It doesnt get too much into whats gonna be going on.Its basically introducing the characters & the set up for the storyline.It has some pretty good characters and of course the art is amazingly done by Jim Lee & crew.I'm gonna give it a 3.5 because its basically just a setup issue.I hope things get more interesting over the next few issues. ...

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