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Diva’s real name is Alessandra Firmi. She was the daughter of a famous opera singer. Being gifted with the same talents as her mother she pursued a career in the opera. During her first audition her power manifested causing all the glass in the room to break.

Battalion and Diva where starting to get into a relationship when Synergy came back and started her relation ship up with him. Diva was very upset over this but she moved on to Cannon.

She became a member of StormWatch One under the field command of Battalion. Due to her dedication to follow UN's directives and procedures, she was granted the position of field commander after Battalion's apparent death.

Diva and Cannonwhere failed form the start, Cannon never respected her field ability and always thought he should be field leader over her even thought he could not even control his own emotions let alone teams. Cannon went renegade and left Stormwatch, Diva tried to stop him but he ended up blowing up his room and saying that there was nothing left for him there leaving Diva alone in the smoking room.

When Despotwas set free to help fight the Wargaurd, a group of scientist that where transformed to powerful mutants by a passing comic, he decide to join the Wargaurd and he used them as tools to destroy Stormwatch and any one that got in his way.

Despot was able to convince his son Strafe to join his side with the Wargaurd against Stromwatch. Diva was though to be killed and Despot used her as a puppet to antagonize the team.

Despot was finally defeated by a future version of his son Battalion. Battalion was trained for years before he was able to go back and time and defeat his father he also had an upgrade to his suit that increased his powers and strength.

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