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Janice Porter was the no-nonsense District Attorney who succeeded Harvey Dent (Two-Face). She was responsible for releasing Alberto Falcone  from Arkham and had a distrust for Batman. Revealed to be Dent/Two-Face's lover, she was captured and taken to Two-Face's lair in the sewers, where he shot her after realizing that she was in love with him, and although their relationship had apparently been sexual in nature, Two-Face claimed to still be a "married man". This killing marks one of the few murders Dent/Two-Face has performed in which he does not flip his scarred coin first, meaning his two personalities are, for once, in agreement about what has to happen. Her corpse was placed on the bed of Alberto as a frame job.  
The panel where Aberto wakes up to find Janice is his bed is a homage to the horse's head scene in the movie "The Godfather." Janice Porter's character was also based on a late 1940's actress named Lana Turner.

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