one possible good side of disney buying marvel

#1 Posted by joshmightbe (24825 posts) - - Show Bio

it could possibly make kingdom hearts 3 more interesting, who doesnt want to see goofy and donald try to take down thanos. you get in serious trouble with a boss summon the pheonix or silver surfer. this probably wont happen but it could be cool imo
#2 Posted by Son_of_Magnus (15040 posts) - - Show Bio

There are like a million reasons why Disney buying Marvel is a good thing

#3 Posted by hdorman1 (4633 posts) - - Show Bio
@Statman said:
" everything will have a happy ending? "
i hope not
and i see no transparent good thing that will come from this
#4 Posted by crimsonspider89 (817 posts) - - Show Bio

No, that will not happen. 
Disney has made several dark unhappy movies and own ESPN as well. 
Pixar also wants to get into more mature movies and this would allow it. 
Disney would also give Marvel access to a tv channel for the Marvel based cartoons. Disney XD- Disney: Marvel. 
Disney has enough funds to help Marvel keep several comics a float and bring back several fan favorites. She Hulk for one 
KH3 would be awesome with a Marvel level.

#5 Posted by solocup (37 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope i'm not the only one that's gonna leave the T.V. on that marvel channel all day. When I think about it maybe it'll give marvel more chances to come out with more cartoons based on their comics (which is always a good thing IMO).

#6 Posted by crimsonspider89 (817 posts) - - Show Bio

LOL, Disney XD is already close to it.  
It shows the following Marvel cartoons: Spider Man TAS The Spectacular Spider man Spider Man Unlimited X-Men TAS X- Men Evolution The Incredible Hulk

#7 Posted by King Quisling (1980 posts) - - Show Bio

Disney produced Marvel movies. 

#8 Posted by joshmightbe (24825 posts) - - Show Bio
also iron man and fantastic four animated seris atleast they used to i dont get xd anymore
#9 Posted by crimsonspider89 (817 posts) - - Show Bio

I know. Nicktoons has the new Fantastic Four series, WATXM, and IMAA. When the rights expire for these and if Disney owns Marvel(Has to go through a vote) Disney will most likely have them.

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