Disney villains and their deadly sins

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The thing in this topic is to put up a Disney villain and his/her deadly sins.
For me, it's Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • Lust - Obviously when it comes to Esmeralda. If he can't have her, send her to Hell.
  • Wrath - The way that he kills gypsies and also the innocents by burning them alive is so sinful.
  • Pride - If you listen to his villain song, Hellfire, you'll hear the words "I'm so much purer than the common vulgar weak licentious crowd".
  • Greed - Where did he get all of that silver?
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Queen/Witch - Envy, not being fairest and all.

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@MrMiracle77: How about pride since she wanted to be the "fairest of them all"?

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