Best Disney animation films

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I've always been partial to Aladdin. Mostly because a lot of little kids think I look like him (I'm East Indian).

Plus, I have a big blue buddy who grants me wishes. 8 )

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I loved Aladdin when I was a kid. When I watch it now I still know the movie word for word.

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@PrinceIMC said:
I loved Aladdin when I was a kid. When I watch it now I still know the movie word for word.
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Think we've had this thread before, but anyway my favourite is Lilo & Stitch.

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When I was a kid, I love all the Disney cartoons.  Aladdin is the best one of these Disney cartoons. 

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The Lion King, curbstomp.

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Lilo & Stich, the rest of the films are garbage.

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Lion King out of those. Overall, Tarzan is my favourite. Odd that it isn't in that list.

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My favorite's are Lion King and Swan Princess.

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A Goofy Movie!

#11 Posted by JCJQLB (2788 posts) - - Show Bio

Pocahontas, Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty!

#12 Posted by TheRealJeanGrey (127 posts) - - Show Bio

Cinderella, Little Mermaid, 101 Dalamtions, and Sleeping Beauty
#13 Posted by jloneblackheart (5482 posts) - - Show Bio

Mulan, Tarzan and Jungle Book

#14 Posted by shawn87 (2082 posts) - - Show Bio

Toy Story, Lion King, Aladdin, Finding Nemo

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