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Diode the Invincible was created by John Rozum and Vince Giarrano.

Major Story Arc


Diode was a resident at a retirement home for former supervillains. He typically hung out with Molester and Monsieur Maestro, two other retired supervillains. Both and Monsieur Maestro and Molester ended up berating Diode on the fact that even though they were both has-beens, Doide had never even really had any significance whatsoever. This caused Diode to revitalize his villainous ways in order to give himself the recognition he felt he deserved.  
Rebuilding his old power suit with the help of some of the other residents, mail-order catalogs, and the internet, Diode randomly selected the town of Bloomfield from which to enact his comeback. As it turned out however, Bloomfield was already being overrun by a team of supervillains known as the Doomslayers. Unaware of this, Diode came to the town simply to rob a bank. The townspeople however, believed that Diode was another member of the Doomslayers and they fled in panic, attracting the attention of Superman who also thought Diode was part of the team of villains. Experiencing some problems with his 'repaired' suit, Diode accidentally ended up destroying part of a nearby building, endangering everyone inside. Not wanting to kill anyone, Diode panicked and attempted to flee, at which point he began seeing the havoc that the Doomslayers were wreaking on the other side of town.  
Diode was immediately horrified at what supervillainy apparently meant nowadays, recounting on how in his day it was merely for "illicit monetary gain, and to outwit a foe with flair," not for senseless murder and mayhem. Superman then caught up to Diode again and was about to take him down, until Diode merely explained himself and how he wished to have no part of what the Doomslayers were doing, as he did not want to be a villain who was remembered for such atrocities. Realizing that Diode meant to be no threat, Superman stated, "There are more responsible ways to go out with dignity. Find one." And he left to defeat the Doomslayers.  
Superman easily dispatched of the villains, until he came across their leader, Doc Omega, who had a piece of Kryptonite with him. Doc Omega then threatened to shoot some of his hostages with Kryptonite bullets, knowing that Superman could probably shield the hostages, but at the cost of his own life. Unfortunately for Doc Omega, Diode ended up saving the hostages instead, and also discovered that Doc Omega's 'Kryptonite' bullets where actually just regular lead ones. Superman then quickly defeated Doc Omega, whose chunk of Kryptonite turned out to be fake as well, and Diode became hailed as a hero by the townspeople. Diode then returned to the retirement home, content with having clearly outshone both Molester and Monsieur Maestro. 

Powers and Abilities

Diode made use of large, armored power suit that granted flight, greatly enhanced strength and durability, and could also fire off powerful blasts of energy. Diode's power suit was primarily powered by an energy-blasting trident that Diode referred to as his Power Fork.  
Without his suit, Diode was a fairly average old man, although he did exhibit a degree of technological know-how and ingenuity. 

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