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Dinosaur has/had a population of 319 people and something of an affinity for the extinct animal they share a namesake with.

Owen Reece was born in Dinosaur and spend his youth there, eventually becoming the immensely powerful superhuman known as the Molecule Man, the sometimes villain and sometimes protector of the Earth.

Sometime after escaping the Raft during Secret Invasion, Molecule Man returned to Dinosaur and decided to use his power to take control of the remote town and live in solitude. When visitors began disappearing, the world got wind of something sinister in Dinosaur and the Avengers were deployed.

Easily defeating his attackers, Molecule Man realized he couldn't kill them because that would incur further investigation when all he wanted was to be left alone. Molecule Man resolved to relinquish control over Dinosaur and return everything to normal, and after doing so, was murdered by Sentry.

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