Who's your favorite Dinobot?

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Which of the Dinobots do you like most? My personal favorite is Grimlock. I also have a feeling most people will say Grimlock as well...

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Grimlock is king of course

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Swoop    has always been my favorite with Grimlock following in a close second. 

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Grimlock, Swoop, Sludge, and Snarl. I'm still trying to warm up to Slag.

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Sludge with Grimlock in a very, very, very........screw it they're tied, Grimlock and Sludge all the way!

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Grimlock. Heck, he's even my avatar :P

I am really digging the things IDW are doing with the Dynobots, especially to do with Grimlock going from smart, capable leader to not so smart yet still capable leader.

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