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Stolen from a lab by IRA associates in 1968 Dingo grew up rough. The few times he was able to relax were cut short. He witnessed his friend being shot and killed because he would not do it himself. After this an Aborigine helped him to escape using magical powers and raised him to be a fighter.

Major Story Arcs


When Dingo went out to find more about him self he came across the Kindred and was made into an agent. This brought him into Backlash, an enemy of the Kindred's leader. He was suppose to help convict and Backlash semi-love interest Taboo escape from the Stonewall Federal Armory and get her to lead him to Backlash which was made easier when Backlash actually showed up to help without knowing. Dingo gained Backlash's trust when he helped him fend off the Chaser, an assassin group hired to killed the wanted Backlash. During there parting Dingo slipped a tracking device onto Backlash.

Backlash and his recently discovered daughter were ambushed at their safe house and held captive by the Kindred who wanted to obtain a sample of the Gen-Factor that gave Backlash his powers. When the found him to be negative they threatened to kill the daughter. This started some friction between Dingo and his leader. After Backlash managed to get free and fight the Kindred, Dingo saved his daughter from an incoming attack and fought on their side. In Backlash's eyes this made them even for the betrayal and they parted on friendly terms.

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