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Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Dimitri was a promising art student who was rejected from Painting because of his "kinetic aesthetic". He then became a forger as a way to punish those with bad taste.

He then joined the Klaww gang, Dimitri set up a nightclub in Paris where he drew in Patrons far and wide.

He was the member in the Klaww Gang who got Clockwerk's tailfeathers which he decided to use for forging.

After seveal missions, Sly confronts Dimitri and they fight(Dimitri being offended at having his suit called "sucks). After his defeat, he is imprisoned by Carmelita and Constable Neyla, with Sly walking away with the Clockwerk feathers.

At the end of Sly 2 he is seen as becoming a dance instructor on a cruise ship.

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