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Boyfriend of Annie he goes to HENRi when she fails to show up for dates or even call him back. He knows her work is top secret but he is concerned about her. 
When he get to HENRi they inform him that she is probably dead and there is no body. He is incensed that no one knowns exactly whats going on and that her mother hasn't even been informed. Since its a matter of national security they use that as a cover not to give him any details. 
Driving back home he comes across Julie's truck as she is being interrogated by armed soldiers. He sees what the suits does to those who are aggressive towards its wearer and aids her in her escape in his truck. He recognizes the Phi symbol as the name of a project Annie was working on and notices how she mentions Annie after being knocked unconscious and asks her if its his Annie, but she does't know what he's talking about exactly.  Julie starts getting flashes of Annie and some of her memories are getting confused with her own without her realizing and answering to the name Annie.
He then hooks them up with a bike and phone from his biker friends. They head out into the desert and find a remote place to hide out, until firstly Ivy manages to contact them on the disposable phone and then the stranger comes. Cain attacks the bikers and when Dillon goes for a shotgun he fires on him. Julie gets the between them and their powers clash sending Cain through a wall, which she then completely destroys. Dusting themselves off they make their escape. 
 Julie's suit blows a crater in the road and takes down Cain so they escape once more. Dillon is not happy at the unpredictability of the suit and starts to walk away saying that this is not something Annie would have been involved in, when Julie hears a voice in her mind and says words Annie once said to him. Shocked he grabs Julie and gets knocked out himself.  

While Dillon dreams of Annie Cain has caught up to them again and blasts Julie into the ground intending to take the suits from her. When Cain touches her there is an explosion and all goes black. In his dream Annie tells Dillon to take her to Will.  
Dillon requires CPR after his shock from the suit and Julie reveals that she has been speaking with Annie and even taking over her mind at times. Dillon notes theres more metal on her body now too. She confirms the metal moves but also it might have come from Cain.

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