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Tai and Agumon crash into a mysterious snow covered land. Just when they begin to think they are alone on the island, they run into an angry Frigimon (a snowman-like digimon). After evading the continuous attacks Agumon finally removes the Black gear from Frigimon's back. Frigimon informs Tai and Agumon that he saw Matt and Gabumon landing in a nearby island,and sortly after he helps them traverse the freezing water and reach the island.On the other side,Matt searchs for his brother in the middle of a snowstorm,only to faint unconscious. Gabumon saves him,and the next day they find again Tai and Agumon.  The boys quarrel for one more time, until they come across a Mojyamon,a furry digimon attacking with his boomerang! Agumon and Gabumon digivolve to save the day. Now,the island starts moving towards the file island and many dangers await!

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