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In this issue we get acquainted with Leomon a brave and good-hearted lion digimon and his enemy Ogremon.While these two fight each other,Devimon the evil master of the File Island appears himself , commands them to obey him -he even takes control of Liomon when he refuses- and sents both of them to chase the kids. When being chased by them the partner digimon of the kids digivolve -exept from T.K.'s digi-sidekick- and repel enemy's the attacks. After an exhausting fight the kids wonder till they find a luxurious hotel, in the middle of nowhere! Finding noone inside but only plenty of food,warm jacuzzi and beds, the start enjoying their unbelievable luck... However late at night Ogremon and Liomon make their appearances,followed by the revelation of Devimon. Devimon,reveals that nothing of all these where real -neither the hotel,nor the food and the baths- and calls the kids:"DigiDestined",in particular, the kids whose destiny is to stop his domination! Shortly after he commands Liomon to kill Tai,who is unable to do anything,but ,fortunately, his digivice lands near Liomon and strikes back the spell casted on him by Devimon . Liomon, helps the kids escape but it's already late: The file island has been seperated in small parts flowing in the water and the kids have been sented to different directions by Devimon's powers. In the end, Devimon posseses again Liomon,who sacrifised himself to help Tai and Agumon escape.

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