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When Cinderella took on a mission for Fabletown to discover the source of many black market magical items, she knew that she would need assets. Going to Frau Totenkinder for a favor, she had the witch create a charm bracelet with three charms that would summon three different animal Fables to help her if she needed them: Dickory, Puss-in-Boots, and Jenny Wren. After finally tracking the source of the illegal items to Ultima Thule, the Norwegian Fable Homeland, Cinderella got herself in a spot of trouble. 

The person responsible for the magical artifacts was none other than Cinderella's former Fairy Godmother whose former magical handicap--that her abilities would disappear at midnight each night--was not present in Ultima Thule, a land that experiences six months of absolute daylight followed by six months of night. By the Fairy Godmother's calculations, she still had months before the equivalent of midnight fell; however, she
Dickory works his magic 
 didn't count on the special magic of Dickory. When he was summoned, the mouse ran up the clock, moving time forward until one o'clock am, whereby he then ran down (as the nursery rhyme goes). The Fairy Godmother was stripped of her powers and Cinderella was able to save the day. 

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