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As colorful as New Year

I still can't believe this movie was from 1990. With how good CG is most comic book to movie adaptations depend on computers.  Dick Tracy may just be one of the better adaptations because this movie was filmed traditionally with make-up and great sound stages.

 The movie is very colorful, which is nice because of the four-color heritage of comics.
What I love about old comics is the old Detective Stories.  Dick Tracy is one of those classic crime stories. He has a Rogue Galley and he has a kid sidekick.  He is the Man in the Yellow hat meets Batman... well Firstwave Bats with the guns blaring.
 The Oddballs of Dick Tracy
The movie was very entertaining, great plot twist that make a Detective story worth watching. The make-up was great.  The bright colors gave great contrast and made certain things stand out. Madonna's song work for the movie. The acting was pretty good from the whole cast.  This is a classic comic book movie that is still one of the better ones made even 20 years later, I would rather watch this then a horrible movie like the very first Punisher movie.  It was very Ironic that I rewatched this movie on New Years, when this movie also takes place on New Years, I enjoyed it so much I may just make it a tradition.

 Happy New Years, Cheers
- Silkcuts
Posted by Mr.Q
God I haven't seen this on in a while. Truly a classic. I agree with you about the color and makeup. CGI is good but this is great. when others speak of Heath Ledger as the villain that stole the show from the hero in The Dark Knight I think of how Al did it first.  need to find this again. love the little gems and thanks for reminding me of this lost treasure.
Posted by Silkcuts
@Mr.Q:  I lucked out, I got it $5 at bestbuy and wanted to watch it.  Then when the new years scenes came I knew I was destined to write a little about it.
Al did steal the show
Posted by Mr.Q
@Silkcuts: 5$ at Best Buy? what is it with that store? they have some of the oddest collections. not that I'm complaining if they didn't I never would have found Hudson Hawk which I was looking for for years now. but yes that film is classic. lets not forget Dustin Hoffman as mumbles. star studded cast. visually stunning. they just don't make them like they used to. I'm sick of CG. I'm sick of 3D. I'm sick of shoddy animation. I miss Don Bluth, Mel Brooks Rick Moranes(?) and Harold Ramus(?). and how dare they remake Karate Kid. Will Smith's kid is annoying he needs to stop buying movies for him to be in and throw DJ Jazzy Jeff a bone. I think he's homeless or something. but before I go off on a rant they just don't make movie with any heart or character any more.
Posted by Silkcuts
@Mr.Q:  I hear ya man, I think that is why I don't review too much movies.
The new movies everyone says the same things and the old ones are forgotten.
I we need to review some OG movies
Posted by Mr.Q
I always find myself loving the old "bombs" Hudson Hawk, Mario (yes that one), etc. not that I don't enjoy the new stuff. CGI is a wonderful tool. but I miss the days when monsters and aliens or what have you were all made in the Jim Henson Creature Shop. remember the Ninja Turtle Trilogy? how it all seemed so 'real'. and it really pulled you in. can you imagine if they did some of the newer films that same way. a Lord of the Rings where you swear you could reach out and touch one of the Wargs. a Narnia with a Lion that didn't look photo copyed onto the screen. it had its flaws yes as all things do. but it had soul.
Posted by Silkcuts
@Mr.Q:  I hear ya clearly, the older movies had to have soul since they could not depend on CG to fix the problems after.  The director had to have a clear focus to make sure the movie could stay on budget.  A movie like T2 is still one of the best movies ever because it did not depend too much on CG.  Had it, but a lot of props were used as well.
Posted by Mr.Q
@Silkcuts: thats what I like about Tim Burton and Guillermo del Toro they try to use as little CG as possible. Tim even said he like the realism of sets and prop costumes because it helps the actors get into their parts.
Posted by NightFang

Man, I love this movie!

Posted by Dark Noldor

I love this movie

Posted by Silkcuts
@NightFang: and @Dark Noldor: 
Glad you both have good taste :D
Know wonder I like you both, cheers
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I do really like this movie, wish they would put out a better release of it though. Bare bones releases tick me off. 
Without a doubt Al Pacino is the biggest highlight of the flick, he just got to go crazy with it

Posted by Silkcuts
@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:
" I do really like this movie, wish they would put out a better release of it though. Bare bones releases tick me off.  Without a doubt Al Pacino is the biggest highlight of the flick, he just got to go crazy with it "
I think one day there will be a better bluray version.  I got my bare bone release during boxing week for cheap, so I can't complain.  But it is a good movie, may be a 25th ani version should be released.

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