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Average Dick

Dick Tracy was a honest man trying to live a normal life, but what destiny held for him would turn his life upside down. Dick had a girlfriend named Tess Trueheart, a photographer who he was greatly in love with, after making the proposal she said "yes!" hysterically. Then shortly after, Dick and Tess would go to her parent's home to tell everyone the good news, when they had gone to her parent’s grocery store, they saw it had been robbed by a gang of thugs, lead by a man named Big Boy Caprice. After shooting Emil dead Dick was knocked out by Caprice and he kidnapped Tess, Dick got up, saw the damage they had done, he then proceeded to promise he would rescue his fiancé and would make sure that justice would be done, Dick was so dedicated to find his woman, wife to be, etc. that served him as inspiration, he became a plainclothes full detective, after rescuing his fiancé, he decided to embrace his new career using the latest in technology and his great detective skills and a firm believe in justice. He apprehended a great amount of criminals thanks to his characteristics, he was feared in the criminal underworld, easily clearing out rooms just with his presence.

Dick over the years had risen in society and his name had great fame. He became one of the greatest and self proclaimed detectives ever seen. He was working as a federal agent and even a second grade lieutenant in World War II, he tracked other spies, become a great addition to the naval forces, then after some years, he became good friends with a

Dick and his woman

man named Diet Smith, and his son, Brilliant who was a scientist, he created the two way wrist radio, Dick in some issues would even travel to the moon to deal with alien forces and even blinded for a instant he keep on doing his job.

Along the way Dick adopted a young thief who saw Dick as his hero and even was called "Dick Tracy Jr. ", Dick and Tess where engaged for two decades, Dick never had time to get married with Tess, not even for the reason he entered the detective business he’s sweetheart Tess after twenty years of being engaged, Tess finally got tired of waiting and eventually figured that Dick’s only love was his job. She married Eduard Nuremoh a baseball player who was soon discovered that was after Tess for her heritage. Tess divorced Eduard Nuremoh and came back to Dick and finally married him on the day of Christmas eve, then Tess gave birth to a son and daughter, Bonnie and Joseph, after quite a long time with Tracy, Tess considered divorcing him but eventually work things out and they celebrated

Full on Detective

their fiftieth wedding anniversary and Dick after seventy-five years of crime fighting he keeps on fighting injustice.

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