Will he ever become an "A" listers?

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If he doesn't die in the upcoming months, do you think Dick will ever become an A lister superhero? Why or why not?

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I always thought Dick Grayson was already a-lister. Come on, when you think of DC famous A-list characters you think of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Dick Grayson's robin. Yes, he's least well-known as Nightwing but people everywhere know him as the first robin. And that's a good thing!

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He's already A-list. Everyone knows him as Robin, and now many people are starting to know that he's Nightwing.

But he's already the most iconic sidekick to ever exist.

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He is one of the oldest heroes in DC (as in publication date) and his Robin is the quintessential superhero sidekick, just as Superman is the quintessential superhero. However, I don't think he can ever be A-list while he is still in the shadow of the Bat. If DC removes him from the Batfamily and he gets his own subordinate heroes like Supes and Bats do, that would help. If they killed off Bruce like they did Barry, then I think Nightwing would certainly be up there just as Wally became A-list.

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He is an A lister. He's one of the most famous characters in Comics. He's probably more famous than Marvel's entire A list roster.

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He himself is an A-lister. The problem is that DC refuses to recognize him and actively tries to mess with him.

I think a Nightwing show (like Arrow) would do him good. and they need to have him lead teams again, like the Titans, where he shows his true greatness.

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In terms of comics he all ready is.

Same with cartoons.

Live action is the only real problem. I personally think he would fit excellently in Arrow-verse and wanted him moreso than Barry because I still am unsure how powers work in that universe.

I wouldn't hold my breath for a Nightwing movie anytime soon

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As far as I know, Dick Grayson is the only super-hero apart from Batman and Superman , to have starred in two movies.

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Dick will always be an A-lister.

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Not so long as he is in Batman's shadow. The best way to break away would be showing he is Batman's equal, but since that cannot happen, he just needs to stick to his own cities far from the Bat. Show other A-Listers having faith in him as well.

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I think he's already an a-lister

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In many aspects, he has A-listing capabilities and looks. However, I'm going to break it to you that he's NOT a A-Lister. He's a character people wanna see be a A-Lister simply because above all, he completely deserves it for someone who's been around as long as Batman and Superman.

However, they're some problems with why he's in the stump he is. One is that he's morely known as Robin to the general people. I mean like, before, I've might not been around as long as 1940s but back then, people respected Dick Grayson the Boy Wonder. First Side-kick hero. Consider part of the "World's Finest" in DC Comics. He was featured in MANY MANY Batman books and everything. For 40 years, It seems people knew Dick Grayson/Robin. It wasn't hard. No one else but him was part of that mantle only!

But now, things have changed and he's Nightwing now. Only problem is: No one in general knows who Nightwing is. Heck, nowadays, people can't fathom there being multiple Robins. If people actually know Dick Grayson, it's because he's Robin. And the Robin ship has sailed almost 3 decades ago. Heck, he's been Batman twice! But people don't know that. And the general people who do know him think he's a pain in the butt for Batman and Robins when he's the opposite. Next to Alfred, he's the one who knows Bruce the most. And the former Robins know him very well and look up to him(pre-reboot at least). Even Jason has admitted it he still sees him as family. But no one knows this. Very few know who NW really is.

Another part is they don't know the Dynamic between Bruce and Dick Grayson. It's crucial to know! VERY! There's a lot of things that make them different but also, they're more similar then either of them care of express outloud. There's a reason why Bruce took in Dick Grayson! He knew that If he had left him alone, he would of followed a similar path like Bruce. But one that could of been worse! Ever seen the Outsider books? It's a prime example of what happens when you give him a bad day(Getting over Donna Troy's death). When he acts like Bruce, it's worse. He's not Bruce, though. So of course, he'll experience similar things cause Bruce and him lived through the same thing and walked similar paths but because he's Richard, it's worse. Bruce knows that and doesn't want that. Being a mentor means you'll teach someone everything you know and guide them to surpassing you. If you don't do that, you FAIL as a mentor and Batman ain't about failing! Many people seem to also think Nightwing is trying to escape and be his own man and be his own hero. Very true! But that's not the end of the story. He's told(Only to Superman I believe) that he wanted to be Batman. And even expected to. And also hinted others had expected him to be Batman one day too. Him being Nightwing was to prove to Bruce his methods are different but can easily rival Bruce's own and maybe even take it to new heights! It doesn't matter If he was Nightwing, Batman, or something new. His point is "I can get the job done just as a good as you and sometimes better with my methods". He's not trying to go away from Batman. Proving a point. Batman just says no because he feels he's too good to be Batman and thinks it's better for him to be Nightwing. One needs to have a good grasp on his dynamic with Batman.

Back to Batman, it's a problem for Nightwing. You may say what you like, but you know when Lady Shiva in Nightwing issue 0 in New 52 said Batman was holding him back, it's true. As a character, he constantly compares himself to him. He should stop and just be a hero! As a kid, he led a team of sidekicks who stop Trigon, and they're half as good as their mentors! Come on! When NW stops thinking about Batman and how he doesn't compare, he often THEN does cool things! With Writers, it's no secret they seems to deliberately hold him back. Batman is a household name. Nightwing is not. They kinda wanna keep Batman on his A-Game. If they starting writing out Nightwing, who's similar to Batman, an equal in many aspects, that has a lovable personality, and a personal life, people are going to be incline to look into him a lot more. He'd be like DC's version of Spider-Man. DC loves their Big 3. And really, Batman is the only character who has a potential successor. Who could succeed Superman and Wonder Woman? No one at the moment. So DC wouldn't easily show Nightwing out showing Batman. Sorry, Writers can be opinionated just as much as fans can be.

Also, people vastly underestimate his capabilities. Most just think He's just flips and tricks. He rivals/seconds in abilities to Batman. He has the physical means and MENTALITY means to be just as good as Batman in his way. People forget this is the same guy who stalemated a perfect Batman, stalemated and KOed Cassandra Cain by surprise(Contrary to popular belief she walked circles around him) gives Deathstroke a run for his money and impresses even him! And at one point, Richard Dragon was impressed and trained him. And now even Lady Shiva is impressed. They also be thinking Tim Drake schools him in Detective Ability when he had LITERALLY taught him a thing or 2 about being a Detective. Also, people seems to have NOT read the "New Teen Titans" by Mark Wolvman or the Storyline "Who is Donna Troy?". Those stories show him as a Detective rivaling Bruce. DC even states he's Second to Batman in Detective ability. But people don't remark such things. If I recall, TD will surpass both one day but at this time, no. He's a very smart Robin(in pure intellect beats NW) but at the time, Nightwing had much more experience. Remember when people use to post threads on how he was going to fail being Batman and what not. But then, he show he was VERY COMPETENT! And brought something new: He turned Damian around and was a non-douche Batman! Bruce didn't turn Damian around(Sadly, he died before Bruce got to do so much with him ;-;), Richard did! Also, in a booster gold issue, it was said If it wasn't for Nightwing going to be Batman, the Justice League would of died and trigon would of ruled. He's a very capable tactican and leader too! The best human leader on earth! Even Superman knew what's up! And outsmarted the Crime Syndicate(No one knows this, i bet) My point is, it seems Nightwing as a character is very unknown in capability. Even when DC actually takes the time to make him look cool, it flies by everyone. Including people who read the comics! And they stick to the the low showings(And not know the context) from early in his NW career. And keep trying to find feats that compare to Batman. You can't do that. You just gotta look at his feats all on his own. Batman has shown to be best of the best. Nightwing is improving to show he can equal that.

Media portrayal also is a problem. Most people know him from Teen Titans, Batman: the Animated Series/The New Adventures, and Young Justice. Those are the most known and they do not completely show his true personality. In Teen Titans, he's show to be too much like Batman though does have a sense of humor from time to time. That's more like a side of his personality when he gets in a mood. The Young Justice does the same when he became Nightwing and did Batman-like actions. Also, as Robin, he was thirsty for being leader. DG was always reluctant about being leader but still did it when it needed to happen. And made the best of it. TAS/TNA made him do much of wanting to get on Bruce. In the comics, he avoided him. that DG seemed to want to degrade Batman at almost every turn and ended up looking more of a jerk then Batman at occasion(Remember, this is the Batman who went out with Barbra Gordon, as revealed in the Curare episode in Batman Beyond. His Adopted son's former girlfriend.). However, these prevalent media portrayals don't help him at all. in the TT series, he's fine. However in TNA and YJ, you might see some negative things in him. Mostly TNA, though. Instead of being interested in Batman, he wants him cut out of his life. NW has said many times in comics in various way he wants to be on good terms with Bruce all the time. He respects and loves him that much.

My point is, truly, he's not an "A-list". I would love it but he does have problem concerning his image. He's loved by Comic Book fans, underrated and has untapped potential to general people and to some writers out there. He's a fan favorite to those who actually invest a little time in reading him. For now, all we can do is hope he appears in Green Arrow and that Superman "Sequel". And gets a good portrayal! Perhaps, then, it'll help get him on the A-Lister tier. And gets fair portrayals and stories in the future. :/

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Popularity-wise, he's an A-list character. Just look at how well his book sells each month and why it became such a huge deal when the rumors of his New 52 death started spreading across the internet.

Treatment-wise, he's a B-lister. Most of the changes in the New-52 were to his detriment, he struggles to move beyond Batman's shadow, and his performance in Young Justice season 2 was really mundane.

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