Why doesn't the Bat-family or DC comic books progress though time

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here is my basic question, we all know some point down the line DC is going to hit the reset button again at some point in time. they have already done it more or less with Final Crises, Infinite Crises, and Flash point just to name a few. So why do does DC remain stagnant? personally whenever I read Batman, I have a very conscious awareness that Bruce is never really going anywhere. He may stop Joker then Clayface then Mr. Freeze but he never actually goes anywhere. there is no real beginning, middle and End to Batman. just a beginning, middle and back to the beginning. sure DC has done little spin-offs like DC One Million and such but there is no definite future only possible ones. I would actually like to see a DCU that actually goes through time. I mean start with Batman's PERMANENT death and let Dick Grayson take over and the Justice League be overtaken by the League of Titans just as the JL took over the Justice Society. I would actually really enjoy a permanent kind of universe that characters eventually age or die and other characters eventually show progress. Let go of Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, the Flash, Hal Jordan and let other characters fill their shoes. Maybe a world where t Nightwing is Gotham's hero, Supergirl is the hero of Metropolis, Wally replaces the Flash, Roy replaces Green Arrow and so forth. I don't know that is just my thoughts let DC characters progress then eventually hit the reset button like DC will inevitably do anyway, but a true space and time DC universe would be very interesting to me. The fallout of the Death of all the older superhero's then the rebirth of the younger ones taking their place would be an interesting and dynamic story that I for one would love to read.

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Itll never happen. DC and Marvel will always want their super heroes young and fresh. The only think I can think of that lets a comic character age is Judge Dredd.

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I agree. having a 30 yr old bruce who raised 4 kids in 5 years (with one dying in his care)would either make dick grayson 15 at the time of his parents death or 16 currently , batman being in his early 40s would make more sense with over a decade as batman and having his wards through the years

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im not saying the whole DCU has to do it but an alternate world like Earth 2. I mean Batman has been around since 1939 and Dick Grayson has been around since 1940. 70 years of doing the same exact thing over and over for Batman. But in the 1980s Dick Grayson finally stopped being Robin and became Nightwing, who has been skyrocketing in popularity lately and fully took on the role in 1995/96 when he got his own comic. plus if Dick Grayson never would have grown there simply would be no Jason, Tim, or Damian. all of which have been popular characters. what does DC have to loose? I mean a little over a year since New 52 launched and we are already at the 5th wave of canceled titles. I think a lot of readers would like to see this even if its separate from the main DCU

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Really this is what Earth-Two/2 has always been for, and the reason that I was excited to hear they were bringing it back (Before it started and everyone was killed off) DC likes to keep their characters young instead of just having them age over time, and letting the new generation take over.

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One thing that DC doesn't seem to understand is that classic characters and legacy characters can exist at the same time. The stagnation mentioned above definitely is occurring. I like the idea of permanent heroes as much as the next guy. It's great that we can see Bruce and Clark and Hal go on new adventures all the time. But it's also great seeing new developments now and then. New characters getting thrown into the mix, old characters taking on new identities and evolving. And it does happen all the time. The problem is that these developments often just fade into obscurity and are usually just wiped away by reboots and retcons.

I personally don't want to say goodbye to classic characters like Bruce and Clark in favor of new legacy characters (Dick, Terry, Kara etc). But that doesn't mean I don't want to see a sort of co-existence between classic characters and developing new character and stories.

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like I said DC doesn't have to throw away Bruce, Supes, and Hal. Just give a universe that at some point in time diverged from the Main DCU and have a new world where new characters come and go. where the middle children like Dick, Supergirl, Wally, Donna Troy can fully flourish. I really do not think it would be very hard to do. Just keep all the comics they have now but create another series called league of titans, with a retired bats, supes, ww, etc. DC already did something similar with Justice League Beyond, so League of Titans is not a very big stretch

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