Who should Nightwing's new friends be?

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so as we all know DC has either erased or drastically changed all of Dick Graysons old friends. so based on who is in the New 52 and the way they are now, who do you think would make a good friend/ crime fighting partner?

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I wish he would get back with the Teen Titans in the new 52, but seeing that Cyborg is with the Justice League, Starfire is with Red Hood and the Outlaws, Beast Boy, and Raven are doing whatever, it won't work.
They could try to adapt a Young Justice team in the new 52. (Aqualad or Aquagirl, Miss Martian, Blue Beetle...) no Zatanna because she's with Justice League Dark and wouldn't fit in with them. No Superboy either.

They could try to bring back Wally West or Donna Troy. And when Damian Wayne eventually comes back (I'm sure they will bring him back), he could join.

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yea thats the trouble all of his old friends are occupied.


i dont think Aqualad/girl or Miss Martian even exist in the New 52 right now. and I havent seen Blue Beetle in anything since they canceled his comic

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I'm hoping that Wally and Donna are still his best friends from his childhood. Currently in the New 52, only Babs has shown any real chemistry in regards to a crime-fighting partnership as well as establishing that they've known each other for ages. If Nightwing is to stay away from other crime fighters, then his roommates should be his partners/friends.

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yea, i agree but i dont see that happening anytime soon. unless the Trinity Wars change the DCU significantly

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Seems likely they'll have his roommates be his friends.I would blue beetle,wally,and anyone else missing(beetle not been spotted since his book's cancellation)show up out of nowhere and offer him a spot in a secret hero black ops type team,like Young Justice the tv series.

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@ritchieb: yeah, well doesn't hurt making new friends. it is the new52 after all! Miss Martian could exist if they went deeper into Martian Manhunter's past in JLA. Aquagirl does exist! she showed up for a little bit in aquaman #18, and justice league (the issues about atlantis). it would be interesting to have miss martian and aquagirl to be nightwing's connection to the "extraordinary" outside of Gotham. Nice profile pic by the way ;)

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Supergirl. Interesting play of hope and cynicism towards humanity.

A crossover with Helena Wayne, if done right, could be absolutely hilarious.

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What i'd like would be for them to eventually bring Donna and Wally back, and have a new team of Titans created just like the Justice League was back in the day. There's a threat that no hero can solve alone, and so a group of amazing people comes together to take care of it.

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Dick Grayson, Wally West, Donna Troy, Aquagirl, Supergirl

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I agree with the Kara/Dick interaction. I think its too good of an opportunity to pass up.

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