Who is coming back from the DEAD in the next Nightwing comic? (spoilers kinda)

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Poll: Who is coming back from the DEAD in the next Nightwing comic? (spoilers kinda) (13 votes)

Raya 15%
Saiko 23%
Damian Wayne 38%
Blockbuster 15%
Other 23%

so in the preview for Nightwing #20 it says "After witnessing so much death in the past few months, how will Nightwing react when he learns a key figure in his life has returned from the grave?"

preview for Nightwing 21 "Desperate to find a ghost from his past, Nightwing turns to The Prankster for help, unaware that they are both targets of The Mask Killer!"

Preview for Nightwing 22 "Nightwing takes on Ghostwalker, and the Prankster finds a surprising ally!"

#1 Posted by The Stegman (28464 posts) - - Show Bio

His parents, DUN DUN DUUUUN!

#2 Edited by fodigg (6209 posts) - - Show Bio

wally west & donna troy

#3 Posted by Black_Claw (3261 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm gonna laugh if it ends up being Damian.

#4 Posted by M3th (2106 posts) - - Show Bio

Saiko would be kind of corny. I voted for Damian because everyone would love that, and it would be interesting if you add "The Masked Killer" thing. I honestly think it will be someone else.

#5 Edited by RitchieB (256 posts) - - Show Bio


idk it could be "damian" but not "damian" i.e. another clone of Damian that the league of assassins is using to mess with Batman inc


the LOA could have kidnapped Damian and the "damian" killed was a clone and thats why Thalia allowed him to die

#6 Posted by Vitacura (92 posts) - - Show Bio

I guessed they were talking about Tony Zucco. 20 and 21 previews were released before the reveal about him, I think.

#7 Posted by RitchieB (256 posts) - - Show Bio


that's a good point. kinda takes the fun out of it but now that you mention it is probably the most likely

#8 Posted by nappystr8 (1257 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm pretty sure this was already revealed. I think the resurrection in question is: Tony Zucco.

#9 Edited by Nathaniel_Christopher (1719 posts) - - Show Bio

I couldn't see Damian being revived anywhere outside of an actual Batman story. Out of the list here, Saiko fell to his death, which in comics means that since no body was ever found he's alive and just waiting for another writer to use him again one day.

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