Who iis best for Dick Grayson?

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I know I've done a poll like this before but I'm asking something a little different. Lets think of the 3 women in Dicks life who know him best: Koriand'r, Barbara Gordon, and Donna Troy. He's had a deep connection with each woman, almost married two of them and always a close friendship with the other. If the chance was given to be with one of the three, who do you believe is best? Don't simply answer cus it's your OTP. Example my OTP is Dick and Kori but here I would say Donna. She's always been there for him, they balance each other and it'd be a great opportunity for it to extend beyond a platonic friendship if anything she knows him better than the other 2 in some ways. And since the relationahips with the other two didnt end so well, it'd be a fresh start with someone known, yet new. So thoughts?

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I'm sorry but there are far too many topics on Dick's love life. Who is Dick's true love, Countless Babs or Starfire thread, etc.... No offence intended.

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