When did he stop "becoming Batman"?

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At some point, Dick was afraid that he would end up as his mentor, and by that I mean a cold, emotionless loner. But that apparently wasn't a problem in Infinite Crisis, when he again was the guy everyone liked and/or trusted. What happened?

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@waezi2: I don't know about the Infinite Crisis part but I always thought he "stopped becoming Batman" was when he became Nightwing.

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@attatje: True, that was what the change to Nightwing was about, but he had a face during the late 90's and early 00's.

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@waezi2: (could be me interpreting english as I'm Dutch) What do you mean by had a face?

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@attatje: became emotional withdrawn, refused any kind of relation with his teammates besides work, and even became more concerned about revealing his identity to his own teammates.

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@waezi2: Oh I get it have a face is like having a clear identity. And thanks for explaining how Nightwing ''had a face''.

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"A cold emotionless loner." Congratulations good sir, that is quite possibly the best way I have ever heard to describe Batman.

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@transformers1024: That really depends on the writer, but that is the one most writers use.

@attatje: Aw, crab, pardon my English. I meant phase.

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Hmm, apparently, nobody knows.

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Probably after Donna Troy came back to life.

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To be honest, I don't think Dick ever started becoming Batman. I always remember reading that Dick was always the opposite of Bruce; the bright colors, being apart of a team (despite Batman being in JLA and Outsiders), always trusting others, and all this other stuff. Despite being the complete opposite, Dick had/has every right to be afraid of becoming like Bruce because 1) He grew up with him 2) He see's how Bruce became when he lost people he loved, so Dick fears he would end up the same way.

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The correct answer is: Never.

Honestly, that's somewhat of a generalization of Nightwing. He never strived to be Batman. He wanted to become person who's methods are just as good or better then Batman. It didn't matter If he was Nightwing, Robin, or Batman. Richard enjoys being a hero much more then Bruce. He was a go to guy and worked with teams and took the Batman mantle places Bruce can't because of Bruce's flaws(mainly with working with teams and the Police of Gotham actually trusting Batman a lot more). The reboot has change Nightwing a lot, but, one of his fundemental point of his character(Showcasing someone who transends sidekick to full flege hero while battling a over-protective parent) at least still stands. He's not trying to be Bruce. He's trying to avoid being as cold has him. He has his times where he can be just like Bruce. They're very similar in more ways he cares to say. However, being similar doesn't make you a replica of someone.

Batman is also not a emotionless loner, though he can be cold. Another generalization. Though writers will give him A LOT of those moments. However, for a loner, he seems to have a pretty fair sized family. His former sidekicks, the Justice League, etc. Also he isn't emotionless in the least. After Damian's death...he kinda went weird due to grieving. He also really cares about the family....even If he doesn't show it openly. Which is Batman's problem. Especially with Nightwing, considering he's the first person he opened up to since Alfred. Nightwing's dilemma with Bruce is that he knows Bruce just as good as Alfred can. He knows Bruce cares for certain things and just won't admit it. However, he'so wanting Bruce to show it. Richard is not the type of person to take kindly to Bruce's coldness or when he comes off as being untrustworthy to him. For him, he's telling Bruce he better show it. Or he'll go away and not look back. And just about every former sidekick of his tell a similar story. They want to he Bruce's allies. But they also want the full respect because they give it to Bruce more times then he has. Bruce's overall problem is he has a hard time showing his actual feelings. Part of the irony in that is that he's the World's Greatest Detective, but cannot clearly solve his own problem. However, he does care for his allies.

For Nightwing, it's a strong feeling. His first reaction to him being critically injured is pulling gun and consider offing person.

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