Villains for Dick Grayson as Batman

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So in detective comics Scott Snyder talks about the villains for Dick. He says, their wont be any capes or supervillains, but he also doesnt want to create new villain and would rather use people from Dick's past. I know they are probably considered supers but a couple of old characters that would play good villains to Dick i think would be: 
Deathstroke (obvious choice) 
Jason Todd (in any incarnation of villain) 
Roy Harper (Arsenal) 
I think these would all make great villains for the new batman. They talk about who is going to step in for the Falcone Family mafia, and Jason seems like the best fit. Arsenal, seems more like a loner. Roy can hold his own (and most likely even win) in a fight with Dick one on one. He could be the Bullseye (marvel) of Dick Grayson. Deathstroke hasalways had a score to settle with Dick. Deathstroke gets in to dicks head like no one else can. IMO Deathstroke has easily become Dicks version of Ra's Al Guhl. 
Edit: Sorry Roy isn't as good a fighter as i thought alothough still a great marksman, i was thinking of Connor Hawkes background in Martial arts
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I think they need to take on some of the villans he had from his bludhaven days.  And it really is a shame they haven't used amygdala at all during Dicks run, considering they lived in the same apartment building in Bludhaven. And these 4 did work as mercenaries for Blockbuster.
Lady Vic ,Shrike,Brutale,,and stallion

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Shrike is a strong candidate, one particular villainess also comes to mind although I've forgotten her name @ present. She wore a mask to conceal her disfigured face, her hair was orange and I remember that she'd gone missing in the bludhaven harbor at the end of that arc. Ooo then there's Eddy Steel and Liu who also went m.i.a following the Lost Year storyline. Nite-wing is plausible, Tarantula as well but they likely perished following Chemo's drop on the city. Revisiting Deathstroke would seem like the ideal thing to do, I just don't think that's where they're headed with detective. I'll have to flip through old NW trades and investigate more possibilities.
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I'd like to see some of his Nightwing foes, like the ones mentioned above.  Roy is a strung out drug addict again, Dick could kiss his @$$ with one arm.  (oh that was a bad joke)  He needs his own rogues even though the classic Batman ones are technically his as well since he was the original Robin.  They'd still target Batman, no matter who Batman is.

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@SmoothJammin: Nite-wing i'm pretty certain is dead. He was in Bludhaven when chemo was dropped, Tarantula is alive she was in secret six not to long ago.The woman you were talking about though is named Hella.Just to add though she wouldn't really work much as a villan due to the fact, that she only wanted a set amount of people responsible for her being disfigured dead, there all dead now after chemo was dropped.
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@DEGRAAF: Jason is more of an Rival I think
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@Primmaster64: Maybe at the start but I mean now I'm pretty certain its safe to say he is a bad guy.
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@nightwing91: NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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@Primmaster64: He's just a serial killer like most of the other ones. He's trying to justify himself, that by killing he is actually protecting.
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@nightwing91: He's like Dexter
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@Primmaster64: Nuts? Then I'd have to agree with you : )
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I actually think it would be cool for him to dress up as an evil batman again. not perminently tho. Further in the interview they even talk about villains he faced as Robin. I would like to see alot of the villains from Bludhaven. What about the mafia that was in Bludhaven. With The Falcone family gone, they could move right in.
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@DEGRAAF: The mafia from bludhaven was blockbuster and Eddy mihn, who is dead. I assume most of the mafia is dead, but a better idea the mob family from mobbed up would work much better.
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thanks. Its been a while since i read the Nightwing tpb. so their was blockbuster that was the mob and then there was mob family? Whats the difference between mob and mafia families?
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@DEGRAAF: nothing at all, but now that I think of it they died to or went to jail. So I mean the majority of his rogues from bludhaven are dead. Shrike, lady vic  and Brutale are alive for sure. Nite-wing and soames are dead for sure. Unsure of Hella and sylph. And im unsure on stallion being alvie or deceased. And all the mob failys from the Haven are dead.
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can you think of any of his rogues from when he was robin that arent necessarilly Batmans? It also said people from his past that he thought were his friends but arent or at least arent any more
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Shrike when he infiltrated the assassin school, he became friends with Boone until hi mand baman broke it up and Boones teacher was killed in a fight with Bats. The people from Nightwing: The lost year would seem fitting as well. What was his name Metal eddie i think.  I mean Roy is also a possiblity, wasn't he thinking to himself of how much he wanted to kill dick  during rise and fall I think. And the girl Liu as well.  And the return of the tarantuala would be nice.
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i would like to see turantula return. 
Idk if roy was thinking that or not but they have shown recently (i believe while Roy wsa in a Coma) flash backs of how much the teent titans (dick and Wally mostly) didnt like or trust Roy and how mean they were to him, he's now on Deathstrokes Titans.
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@DEGRAAF: He was thinking that  thoughts of killing him,Thats a friend turned enemy, eddie metal and liu were friends who were enemies using him for his wayne connection.Taranuala and him almost got married before he regained confidence over what happened with blockbuster.
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@DEGRAAF: Evil Batman?
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@Primmaster64: The evil batman thing is really played out, we had the 3 ghosts of batman during morrisons run, then Todd being evil in battle for the cowl. It's played out it's time to focus on the bad guys.
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@nightwing91 said:
" @DEGRAAF: He was thinking that  thoughts of killing him,Thats a friend turned enemy, eddie metal and liu were friends who were enemies using him for his wayne connection.Taranuala and him almost got married before he regained confidence over what happened with blockbuster. "

yea i remember all of that. I liked Turantula 


Batman - Battle For The Cowl #2


Batman - Battle For The ...
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@DEGRAAF: It's a shame she hasn't been used much since nightwings solo series ended.
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yea. Isnt she the one that raped him on the roof or whatever? Do you think she would still be in love with him? Sounds like they are going to get in to his relationship with Barbra and their long past together
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@DEGRAAF: Yes she raped him, as unbelievably as it is he was practically catatonic. Well they did deal with his relationship with starfire in titans and justice league. And then barbara and dick were engaged for awhile, and he did leave her that letter. It just seems time to do something with that relationship.
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i hope they do. Im not sure if Barbra would be my first choice (i see positives with him being with any of his ex's) but i would like to see them finally give him a solid relationship and maybe even marraige. That would be something different for Batman. It would need to stick also. I wouldnt want it to be dragged out or her killed off a few years later. I think i would rather see him with an alien or meta just to see how the kid would turn out but i think cool things could come from him and Barbra. 
Last real mention of their relationship was that she returned the ring saying to give it to her when he has found himself or something right? I know she was mad/jealous when Dick had Huntress be his date to a ball or dinner or dance or something and they kissed.
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@DEGRAAF: Barbara is the one I can see him marrying, with starfire  it never would've worked I mean kind of a dead give away when your kissing in your civilian identity and when in your superhero identity. And what other ex's? But thats the thing, his kid, will already be great, he's the top acrobatic in the world, don't you think he'd train his kid, and probably give them lesson with bruce and casandra.
And if the ever did get married I just hope he doesn't make a deal with the devil to erase it, cause that'd be just stupid : )
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Thats true, i didnt give much thought to the whole secret identity thing. Barbra is the one i could see him marrying too. Yea, the kid would be a born with the potential to be the best non-powered superhero ever. I could see them teaching him everything they know in the martials arts field as well as Dick teaching him all about acrobatics but i can see them trying to keep him out of the hero business. The kid wouldnt have anything special gene wise just because all the things they have all got now is learned and not passed down through the gene pool. 
I agree that would piss me off.
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Dick Graysons so called relationships according to his page 

His first romantic relationship began with Flamebird (Bette Kane) 
When he was a student at Hudson University, he had a relationship with fellow undergraduate Lori Elton.  

Nightwing was also romantically involved with Starfire while in the Titans.   
He had a close friendship with Raven. He kissed  her many times while he was dating Starfire.  
During the "Titans Tomorrow" storyline, Batwoman (Bette Kane) tells Starfire that she would have a wonderful future with Nightwing. She also found out they would have a child. 

Dick Grayson has dated Bridget Clancy, his landlady in Blüdhaven.  
when he was a member of the Titans, he had some flirtation moments with Jesse Chambers. 

He had a one night stand, with the Huntress (Helena Bertinelli). Dick Grayson still loves Huntress in the current Batman story line. 

After Blockbuster was shot and killed by Tarantula, she raped the disturbed Nightwing. 

Dick has always had strong romantic feelings for Barbara Gordon. After some years of knowing each other, they started dating, however the relationship was dissolved. Before Infinite Crisis Dick and Barbara engage, however the engagement was broken off by Barbara because she felt they weren't ready to get married. 

One Year after the events of Infinite Crisis Dick's engagement to Barbara is off and he has a fling with metahuman Cheyenne Freemont

As Batman, Dick Grayson is starting to flirt with Batwoman (Katherine Kane).  
He is also taking a liking in Huntress again, and Barbara Gordon is acting jealous. 
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@DEGRAAF: Raven was influencing his emotions that doesn't count, post-crisis dick and bette have been nothing but good friends.Starfires to played out now, he recently told her he no longer lover her anymore.Clancy is a psychiatric doctor in new york, that won't go anywhere, just because a good majority of current batman readers wouldn't know anything about her. Jesse is married to hourman now, Dick wouldn't do that he's a gentleman. Dick and huntress did sleep together, for huntress to "try and get in the boys club". and in the current storyline it isn't love, he loves Barbara. Barbara and huntress had to get over this in early issues of birds of prey, that would be going back to stage one for them.Tarantuala was cause of what happened to blockbuster he was in a mental daze for  the entire thing, then he arrested her. Kind of kills the relationship when that happens. Batwomans a lesbian.....
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I was gonna be pissed if they changed Batwomans sexuality just so they could date. I did think it would be funny if he contiously tried to hit on her just to be turned down. I agree with you on all of this, thats just what his page said. I kinda like the idea of Huntress and Dick also but i think ultimately he should marry Barbra. I could see Turantula getting passed the going to jail thing, she could come back to be his catwoman. (just an idea)
Lol this all started off as who would be good villains for Dick
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@DEGRAAF:  He was flirting with her during the 52 series, Huntress has mellowed out a bit so it is more of a possibility now, but i disagree with Tarantuala she's a murder that's how he sees her, it'd never work.
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Red Hood II (Jason Todd) 
The Wanderer-the council of Spiders (Dick's vice for women combined with an Brazilian assassin with a Death touch....need I say more?)  
Blockbuster III (there will be one soon enough)  
Mouse and Giz  
Gunhawk ( Liam Hawkleigh)  
Gunbunny II  
Echo and Query 
Mr. Zsasz 

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Slade, Jason, Cheshire, Joker to name a few.

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@saiyan_earthling: :)
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@saiyan_earthling said:
" Slade, Jason, Cheshire, Joker to name a few. "
The one problem is whenever Dick goes against Slade he does way to well. I do agree though out of your entire list he should be a villain. But it's like i've said I'd much rather have villains from his nightwing series back,  And Slade was one of the most consistent villans he faced.

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