The Prince of Gotham Arc, when does it happen?

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I was looking up an old interview about the current writer of Nightwing and what his future plans for the book were. The interview mentioned after the big Owl crossover, a big story arc called the Prince of Gotham would be more character development for both Dick Grayson and Nightwing and their role in Gotham City.

Is this story arc going on now or will this story happen in a later issue? This story arc sounds interesting and I want to know when it begins or if it had begun.

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I think it's going to be a big theme through out Kyle Higgins run.

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Not sure if Kyle's still going to produce this story arc, I heard plans had supposedly changed but he's still going to introduce elements of the concept throughout his run.

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@SmoothJammin said:

Not sure if Kyle's still going to produce this story arc, I heard plans had supposedly changed but he's still going to introduce elements of the concept throughout his run.

I also heard this. I think rather than it being one central story arc, he is sort of expanding it over time, kind of issue to issue. Like the theme park, and relationships. Dick is a lot more cooled down now, he still likes women, but kyle does not feel the need to make him constantly be with one. Of course now that Babs is back on her feel i'm waiting for them to get together again.

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The idea of Nightwing being an heir to Batman gets me so wired. I won't lie, part of me wishes he still set up camp in 'Haven. I spose it's old news, and I should look forwards to his new experiences in Gotham.. Cheers Kyle. Long live the Prince!

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Just read the Dixon run. I'm ready for new stories it drives me bananas to have to hear the "I want him in Bludhaven" and "I wish he was in blue and black with finger stripes" talk. This isn't a shot a you Jam just my 2 cents.

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I'm pretty sure the 'Prince of Gotham' is more of an overall theme than an actual story arc, it's something thats going to be present for a long time and over several issues.

I'm actually glad they haven't got him in Bludhaven anymore, and Higgins says they have no plans to get him back there either. Having Dick based in Bludhaven kinda makes him seem like he's running away from who he is, in the sense that he's effectively Bruce's heir (I think thats pretty much accepted as fact even by Tim Drake fans now) and next in line to be Batman (in-fact he's already been Batman in the New 52 continuity) so it makes far more sense to have him in Gotham. The way I see it you can't make Dick into Bruce's heir and Gotham's future protector and then have him running off elsewhere.

I quite like the idea of Dick becoming more in-tune with Gotham and for me I think it will add a new dynamic to his relationship with Bruce. Dick running off to Bludhaven to be 'his own man' was actually, upon reflection, more of a conformation of his childishness than anything else (like a teenager running away from home after an argument with parents). If he wants to prove himself to be a man, and not just Bruce Wayne's adopted son, he needs to stay in Gotham and make a name for himself there (both as himself and Nightwing).

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@richardjohngrayson: xD fair enough, I see ur point. Constructive criticism is the best kind of advice man

@LuigiBat: Great analogy. I've never thought of it that way.

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Right, just asked Kyle Higgins over Twitter whether the 'Prince of Gotham' is a story arc or an overall theme. He's said that its an overall theme.

Hope this clears things up a little for people :).

P.S. For those of you who want to see proof of this look up my Twitter @CorioLouis and you should find it on my page.

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@LuigiBat: Thanks for clearing that up. I went ahead and created a twitter acct and now I'm following Kyles exploits.. lol not so sure I want to know what's going on in his personal life and simultaneously read his work, if it helps me learn more about the inside scoop on NW then eff it I'm all in.

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I'm ready for this. It will be impossible IMO to make Dick an equal with Batman as far as Gotham's Protector but I feel like this, the Court of Owls connection, and his plans to re-vamp Amusement Mile, are really digging Nightwing into Gothams very soul. His connection to the city is now as old as the Waynes. He Amusement Mile project is much like Bruce's plan to restore the city (he does have a bigger wallet).

Gotham is getting a new face. Amusement Mile is getting re done.......Gotham, Amusement Mile, Grayson Prince of Gotham, Clown Prince of Crime..... Isn't Joker supposed to be making a Grand Entrance soon????

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