The New Batman and Joker: Fresh for '11, Suckas!!!!

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  Since his 2004 reintroduction (read:Under the Red Hood), Jason Todd has been the darling belle of the ball. A ball, admittedly, hosted by hyperviolent fanboys itching for a darker, more "efficient" Batman. In a post-Batman Inc. world, however, the likelihood of Todd stans realizing their fantasies seems nil, with a considerable faction relegating their favorite anti-hero to be the "Joker" to a certain acrobat's "Batman". As novel as that scenario sounds, the opposite seems more likely: Jason Todd is the Batman to Dick Grayson's Joker.   
Don't believe me?  
Which ex-Robin strongly opposed the public debut of the urban legend, "The Batman"? 
Jason Todd.   
Which ex-Robin believes in the tenet "Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot" so devoutly that controlling crime in Gotham appears more suitable than merely combating disorder valiantly? 
Jason Todd
Which ex-Robin fights most similarly to the original Batman? 
Jason Todd 
Which ex-Robin took on a ward to train for combat against the threat of EVIL? 
Jason Todd 
Who took on the persona of the one creature who frightened him the most? 
....... : )           
Meanwhile, which ex-Robin has a notorious reputation for spontaneity?   
Dick Grayson 
Who, as Robin, (1) developed an M.O of colorful, comical, albeit nonsensical loudmouth brimming with insane amounts of confidence to the point of (2) being labeled insane by many, including Knight ?*
Dick Grayson 
Who possesses the keen detective skills of the Dark Knight sans the brooding demeanor? 
Dick Grayson     
Who, not unlike the Joker,  has been consistently described as "agile"? 
: ) Grayson, Grayson, Grayson!!!!     
Does that make Grayson a villain? No, and it certainly fails to justify Todd's brand of "heroism". Nevertheless, Grayson as Batman is a Batman of Chaos playing host to a Joker of Order. It certainly adds clarity to the Red Hood mission statement of being a more efficient and evolved Batman.   
* (read Batman and Robin #7 & #8) 
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:O what the hell? 
what are you trying to prove?

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@Mrs. Tim Drake: 
I'm just elaborating on an earlier post regarding the themes of duality expressed through the Joker and Robin, metaphorically serving as the wrong and right components, respectively,  of Bruce's psyche.  
In this instance, the foils between the Joker and Batman were reversed; In the crisp, new world of a new Batman, a reactive, unpredictable hero engages with a stern, exacting menace. 

If I was more eloquent, this would be clearer : (

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reallly i mean really that just ............... could you.............but your forgetting about ............STOP MIND RAPING ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm reminded of the Batman Begins: Return of the Joker storyline. Bruce kept telling Terry how to fight the Joker and it wasn't really working Then Terry realized the best way to beat the Joker was to not be the Batman that the Joker remembered. He likes to talk and tease so he figured he could unnerve the Joker. I think sometimes it takes a different perspective to get the job done. That's why Dick became Nightwing right? To show that he didn't need to be Bruce. It's right that he brings some of that to his persona as Batman.
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All of that may be true, but your forgetting ONE HUGE DETAIL. Dick Grayson isn't nuttier than a freakin' fruitcake.  He actually has the mental stability to carry on the mantle, I think that was proven in the battle for the cowl storyline.
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@Jayso4201 said:
"All of that may be true, but your forgetting ONE HUGE DETAIL. Dick Grayson isn't nuttier than a freakin' fruitcake.  He actually has the mental stability to carry on the mantle, I think that was proven in the battle for the cowl storyline. "

I was under the impression that this was clear in the OP AND in the minds of fanboys. So yes, I agree with you.   
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@VampireSelektor:  That totally makes sense. i mean in a lot of ways Jason acts more like Bruce. And Dick sometimes does seem a bit crazy. Sometimes. Many people say that Jason is crazy. But I disagree. Everything Jason does is well planned and well thought out. Now if something goes wrong that just means that he didn't plan for everything. But I mean Bruce wasn't perfect as Batman so Jason doesn't have to be perfect as Red Hood. But he isn't crazy

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