Story arcs were Dick is Batman

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So i have been reading grantmorrions run on batman and robin and i am loving it but i woundering if there were any other story arcs foucused on Dick as batman. Also is there a fourth volume of batman and robin were Dick is batman.

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At some point in the Justice league,Dick was batman I think.

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There's the fourth volume Batman & Robin: Dark Knight vs. White Knight, Batman: Long Shadows, Batman: Life After Death, Batman: Gates of Gotham, and Batman: The Black Mirror. There's also Batman: Battle for the Cowl, but that's not really Dick as Batman, until he suits up on like, the final page.

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@The_Tree: thatnks dude

@TheAntiReVamp: Whenwill there be an epic battle etween you and Revamp?

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@Z3RO180: I'm not here to fight him,and I really hope it won't have to come to that.It's not like we can't co-exist right?

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@Z3RO180: Batman: The Black Mirror is a must 
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@Jonny_Anonymous: I have been meaning to buy that ut at the momment i have no mony :(

@TheAntiReVamp: Very well since we will not get the epic battle the next best thing must do. AN EPIC DANCE OFF

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Batman:Streets of Gotham(focuses more on others POV of Gotham/Batman)

Detective Comics(Scott Snyders epic run)

Batman 687-713(Judd Winick/Tony Daniels take on Dick Grayson Batman)

Batman and Robin(Grant Morrison, Pete Tomasi and Paul Cornell 2009-2011)

JLA(collecting 41-60. I liked how Robinson stayed true to Dick's roots as Nightwing. It's still very hit or miss. The league's roster constantly rotates)

World's Finest limited series written by Sterling Gates. Dick teams up with Superman in #4. If you can't find the back issue there's also a tpb available

Gates of Gotham mini is a good read. It revolves around members of the Batfamily and delves into Gothams history(Dick, Damian, Tim, Cassandra)

He makes appearances in the original Batman Inc and Leviathan Strikes as Batman

That's I can think of off the top of my head. Good luck

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