Sonia Zucco

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What do you guys think of her as a character? I really like her and hope once Dick relocates to Chicago that she come with him.

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She's one of the best character creations to come from Dick's inner circle in a long time. How do you figure Dick can goad her to come along? She's a strong independent women. That's not to say it's a bad idea.. I'm just not sure he can really offer her anything at this point.

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@SmoothJammin said:

She's one of the best character creations to come from Dick's inner circle in a long time. How do you figure Dick can goad her to come along? She's a strong independent women. That's not to say it's a bad idea.. I'm just not sure he can really offer her anything at this point.

I agree on all fronts. Right now, Dick has just put everything of his into the circus. Guess what? The circus has been decimated. Dick also just lost his little "brother" and is an emotional wreck. Sonia, as SmoothJammin stated, is a strong, independent woman. With Dick relocating to Chicago, it wouldn't feel natural if he were to say "Hey Sonia, I know I'm a wreck and we have this 'will-the-won't-they' romantic tension going on, wanna come with me to Chicago?" And it would do her character a great disservice to say yes to that. With Sonia's career, traveling to Chicago on business would definitely make sense, but relocating there for Dick - right now - isn't going to work.

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Ya, I agree with the consensus above. I think when Snyder created her in Black Mirror it was such a contrast and a nice reflection of his past and how his future shaped him just as Sonia's future shaped her. I wish this will they wont they stuff should have been saved for later, but I still think she should be a confidant for Dick. He invested in her bank, got to know her a little, began to think past her own past for a second and it was nice, not what I expected or wanted, but nice. With Dick going to Chicago, I hope to see a bit of interaction before he leaves, and even some while he is in Chicago through phone or email. I don't want her to be like "Dick I am in love with you, I am coming to Chicago" Thats something that will cheat the readers and something that Dick will probably not want. He still has hesitation of her, and even Barbara harshly pointed that out at Raya Vestri's funeral. For Dick to be in Chicago and be alone for his first time in the New 52, means he really has to be on his own, no Batman, no Robin, no Babs, and no Sonia.

I don't even they need to be together, at least at this point in time. We still know very little about her, not to say she is untrustworthy, but if this is going to happen we have to see her past, her emotions, and her feelings at this point in time, and with her being a really strong independent woman, it will be hard for her to open up, especially to Dick of all people, and I doubt that would happen with him being in Chicago. I don't see her giving up her future for a guy she has feelings for, but also someone she doesn't know that well either. I mean, she isn't stupid, and she certainly isn't giving it up all over town like Dick. She is smart, calculating, and independent, and I don't see her following Dick, but I do feel that she will be sad with him leaving because he could have been that person she could have opened up to. When and if he comes back to Gotham, either for good or visitation purposes I believe that Sonia will be on his mind and they might meet up to talk.

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I think its actually better this way: let them "cool off" for a while and build up the dynamic between them again. I think Dick really needs to just chill out for a while and "find" himself. I think the apporach he took with Starfire in RHATO 17 was actually good (one of the only things I have ever liked from that comic). He needs time to process how his life has been wrecked and, honestly, the typical "relationship helps him get through it" would be a cop-out in my opinion...and a disservice to Sonia and Dick's characters.

The only ones I think he should maybe be close to now are Babs or maybe Tim (rebuild the relatinship they had previously?)

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I also think she's one of the best supporting characters in Dick's life right now, and that she has far more potential than just another love interest. I say it's best that Dick leaves Gotham to go to Chicago for now and that Sonia stays behind. The two of them can communicate every now and again, and eventually Sonia can even move there or visit to help Dick out with taking down her father (It is her father after all, can't see how she wouldn't be involved) What I don't want to see is her just becoming a villain for shock value (Because it wouldn't be shocking) or for her to just profess her love for Dick and for them to suddenly become an item. The relationship should be built up through great writing and interesting story telling.

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@nathaniel_christopher: Lol....I kind of feel like she has already professed her interest and DG is just trying not to see it...hahaha

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