Robin's secret case.

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In the Teen Titan episode titled Revved Up the Titans had to race Ding Dong Daddy for a case containing a secret of Robin's. The episode ended with Robin opening the case to show the team what was inside it, without showing us what was inside. Did a later episode reveal what was inside or was it left to speculation?

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i remember that, good question!

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I never got around to watching that episode, but I believe I'm familiar with it. Red X swings by and helps fend off the villains so that Robin can finish the race.. if it is indeed that one, and keep in mind I may be reaching here, I think the box contained the identity of Red X. It's been heavily implied he was Jason Todd(based on their interactions and fighting styles, gadgets etc) Maybe his old costume? (Is that why Red X joined the race?)

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I take it back. Word is Robin's true identity as Dick Grayson from his Flying Grayson days was what he was trying to retrieve from Ding Dong Daddy from inside the case.

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@SmoothJammin: what on that show gave you the impression it was Jason? There was honestly more to suggest it was Tim even though most of us knew it was Dick.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: lol are you using Internet Explorer!?

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@evilvegeta74 said:

i remember that, good question!
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@SmoothJammin: No, Safari.

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I don't think it'd be a Red X costume.

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Never established.  But fiction of full of mystery boxes: the skating case from Ronin, the briefcase from Pulp Fiction.  The actual content of the case isn't really what the creators are trying to show the audience, they're trying to show the effects that an uncompromising drive or greed might have on the characters.
There was an episode of the old GI Joe cartoon called "The MacGuffin Device", the literal term for this particular plot device.  In the episode, the MacGuffin device turns out to be a weapon that brings the user's imagination to life (Shipwreck, in this case).  This is pretty much what this plot device is for, it's to allow the writer to move the plot forward without losing focus on the characters.

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