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Tony Daniel works solely on the writing for this issue, leaving the pencils to artist Guillem March. The fact that the last two issues in this series have been more organized and more eloquently structured further reinforces what I have been saying all along: Tony Daniel works better  when he is either writing or drawing, but not when he is pulling double duty.

The Good

Firefly has been a more prominent villain in the Batman universe, appearing first in Batman: Streets of Gotham, and now again in Batman #699. Daniel writes a great Firefly and transitions well from the present to a flashback and again to the present storyline rather effortlessly through the use of some really strong dialogue. The story moves with a lot of fluidity, and is aided well by March's pencils. I am not sure whether these two work well with one another, but it seems that way. Firefly's emotions are relayed distinctly through March's art and is often really beautiful. One scene in particular that stood out to me was the flashback where we see Firefly in his apartment, sitting on the couch. March captured the overall dark, depressing tone in this sequence really well and Tomeu Morey's colors compliment March's inks perfectly. I much prefer March's pencils in this issue to his art in Gotham City Sirens. I think his art is more organized and tells a better story in these last two issues of Batman than they had in GCS with the exception of the issue that focused on The Riddler. Maybe I'm just not crazy about the way he draws his women?

The story is written in a way that will leave the reader wondering The Riddler's true motives. A lot of the events that take place imply that The Riddler has not entirely turned a new leaf; something that has often been hinted at in the past. I am still waiting for the moment where we see his true colors. Daniel did a good job making me (as a reader) really get into Dick's brain, and while it is stated that this is the end of the two part story line, it feels really open ended. In other words, I wouldn't be surprised if Daniel elaborates on a lot of what we saw in this issue later on.

The Bad

I am a huge fan of The Riddler which is why I can be a bit overly critical of the way he is written. I envision Edward Nigma to be suave, smooth and eloquent- I don't see him shaking like a leaf. I am still unsure of how I felt about him in this issue. His reaction in the last scene left me curious, and I wondered whether or not his character would have been incapacitated to the point where he would not have been able to get away. Like I mentioned before, this is supposed to be part two of two, but it left me feeling as though it was not yet over. The ending is open-ended and felt abrupt. I guess I will just have to wait until the next issue of Batman to see what happens!

The Verdict- 4/5

Tony Daniel proves that he is capable of writing a fantastic Dick Grayson as Batman in this issue, and that he works better when he isn't both writing and drawing the issue. My only real complaint was that the second part of this issue felt rushed and open-ended.
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I loved the inner-monologue in this book, it made sense to be there, and it helped the reader understand what he was doing and why.

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Excellent. I had been looking forward to reading more of your writings, Babs. Not that I mind your video features. I just enjoy your writings as well.
It's interesting that an artist can do excellent work when doing either writing or drawing, but fails to excel if they need to do both. Conventional thinking would be that if you can do both. There should be little to no reason you can't to them together. I guess it really comes down to time and dead lines.
I'm a  fan of the Riddler, and riddles in general. Still, I can't say I would consider him all that suave. I more think about arrogant and in some ways self righteous. Along the lines of people who are often too full of themselves. I don't think it's too far out of character that Nigma would panic. He is the forward thinking type. That kind of person doesn't normally reacting well to sudden changes.
I like how he came across in the Batman: Arkham Asylum game. I'm not sure if you ever got around to listening to all his patient recordings. It was rather insightful. Though, something did feel off, but I wont go into that here. I really look forward to seeing what they do with Riddler for the sequel.

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You don't see The Riddler shaking like a leaf?  I don't know, I guess we see that character in two different ways.  I've always seen him as the kind of cat that is always nervous, always twiddling his fingers, always waiting for the riddle itself to unfold so he can plaster a smile of glee and freak out about the unveiling of the reveal.  However, when someone isn't solving the riddle, or when they aren't asking for the answer, he's a very angry and impatient dood. 
Nonetheless, I haven't read the core Batman series for a long while, but I really like the cover of this issue.  Maybe I'll try to pick it up from R.I.P. after.  =  /

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No Riddler in this one so no buy. 

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698-699 is an interesting story arc. the Riddler has a lot of range as a character so i never know what to expect with him part of what makes him such an interesting character to follow. in my opinion he has been up to no good these past few issues but is playing his cards right so as to not get caught. perhaps using the PI angle to his criminal advantage?

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it was alright, 3/5

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I LOVE the way Guillem draws women, especially their faces.

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