Read battle for the cowl, whats next

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i just read the battle for the cowl, and it kinda ends in a cliffhanger, like who is this new black mask how do things go back to normal
which issues or trades should i buy to finish the story

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come on help

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Here are some choices. Also there is supposedly a Battle for the Cowl Companion book.

Batman Streets of Gotham (about Dick and Gotham City)

Batman and Robin (about Dick and Damien)

Batman Gates of Gotham (about the Bat Family, Gotham, The Wayne family, and the return of Bruce)

Batman #686-712

Also might want to pick up the arc "last rites"

All of these listed should take you right up to the return of Bruce Wayne or even up to the DCnU

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actually i would like to know which books i need to follow and in which order in need to read them to follow Dick Grayson through his time as Batman. I know for the most part it's what i listed up there i would just like someone to verify it.

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