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As you know, Dick Grayson will celebrate his 75th anniversary in 2015. DC has already indicated they are going all-out for Bruce in 2014, but I fear Dick might be left out.

To that end, some of us are starting to prepare already for the party! I'm trying to get people to write about Dick, on any topic you might wish, so that I can run them on a website in 2015. If we get really lucky, we might be able to make it into a book, as there are no scholarly or pseudo-scholarly books out there devoted solely to Dick Grayson. I can't guarantee anything, but I have been talking with some publishers, so something could happen. Please get in touch with me if you want to write something, especially if you have a topic you can put an academic spin on (put those university philosophy, literature, history, etc classes to work!). I especially need some people who could write about fighting styles or gadgetry. Feel free to create your own topic, though!

Any other ideas for celebrating 75 years of Dick Grayson?

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Getting him in the new DCU movie universe would be a good start.Or bringing Young Justice back,even as a Animated feature.

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He deserves to be in the, "center ring", in 2015. He definitely deserves his own animated movie. Andrea Romano has expressed interest in making a Nightwing movie on numerous occasions. I also think it's about time someone else defines Dick Grayson on the big screen. Chris O'Donnel should not be where Dick Grayson's legacy on the big screen ends. It'd be great if he was the center of attention in the New 52 that year without him being used as a punching bag and have him kick some major ass instead. I'm not going to get my hopes up for that last one while Dan Didio is still in charge...

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So excited if this is true!

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Looks like I've got some homework to do.

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DC should re-release or collect some of his older stories to honor the occasion.

EDIT: In all seriousness I just purchased and am currently reading Nightwing Old Friends, New Enemies. It's good stuff and I could definitely read more old stories. Lord knows we could stand to see some more of his days as Robin collected.

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Sweet! I'll try to send in some Robin/Nightwing art I have a lying around and some art I might do of Dick in the future. He is after all my favorite hero in the DC universe. Great idea! Though I still have hope for DC to give Nightwing the same treatment as Superman, Batman, and maybe even Wonder Woman would get for their 75th. Grayson is after all probably their third or fourth most popular character and the guy has a huge fanbase!

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Superman's 75th anniversary is 2013. They did quite a lot for it, even launching a new book with Synder and Lee on it.

Batman's 75th anniversary is in 2014. I'd imagine they will go all out and do something big here too.

Dick Grayson/Robin's 75th anniversary is in 2015, but this is also the same year the Batman/Superman movie comes out and also the Joker's 75th anniversary. Both of those will probably be celebrated and promoted more than Dick/Robin's anniversary, unfortunately. Hope I am wrong though.

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