Nightwing Tribute Video

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Something I threw together the other night. Tell me what you think.

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pretty awesome! 
not only is it cool, it's a good way to tell the story from how he got from little circus boy to robin, to nightwing, to batman, to nightwing again! 
=) very nice!
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I figured I have more posts than this. LOL. Thanks, guys.

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Freaking awesome!

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@Static Shock: Nice. Also, Crysis 2 music is always ftw :D

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nicely done, OpurumD.

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@k4tzm4n: I appreciate it. I felt that Insertion theme was the best fit for Nightwing. After playing his DLC in Arkham City, I felt inspired to make a video for him.

I wanted to do a Black Panther video with the King's Motorcade theme (the song that plays in Coming to America when Prince Akeem's father comes to America), but I can't find an extended version of it (and extending music on my own is hard).

@Billy Batson: @The Dark Huntress: Thanks.

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Me as a #1 dick grayson fan that video is inspiraring nice work

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Batman Aproves
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Static this is brilliant :P

I have a request if you ever want make another tribute for him.

That TO ME is the ultimate Nightwing theme... the lyrics, instrumentals, tone.. ugh. Please please please consider it!!

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Very cool.

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@_slim_ said:

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@xander_cole said:

Me as a #1 dick grayson fan that video is inspiraring nice work

I'd have to contest this. Just the #1 part :P, the rest is absolutely true, congrats Static. ^__^

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