Nightwing and Superboy to move to the same City

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I would love to see this happen. After the current events in both of their books it looks like they will be moving cities to get fresh starts. I wouldl ike to see them end up in the same city (i'm 90% positive they aren't). But Superboy, while he has friends now, most of them are serious people (Short of kid flash, and Bunker). almost his whole life has been a series of serious threat with little happiness. I would like to see him sort of mentored by Nightwing and how to look for the best in people and move forward. Superboy could still be brooding and serious but i would like to see them play off each other (like Nightwing comparing Kon-el's brooding to Batman's and other Bat family members)

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it might be interesting but if I were to choose anyone in the supes family to partner with Nightwing it would be Power Girl

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I have to second the idea of it being Superboy. In terms of real life history, they had a connection before Flashpoint with Kon even envying Tim for having such a great big brother figure, and they worked well together in Infinite Crisis. With Jason now being the closest thing Tim has to a brother (Truly the ultimate proof that the writers don't know what the hell they're doing), and Damian about to die apparently, Kon would be a suitable fill in. And he himself needs more friends.

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