Nightwing and superboy

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So when they team up in infinite crisis is that when he dies plus I would really love to read both there sides of this event could someone tell what the trades are called .

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Yes, Superboy dies in Infinite Crisis when he teams up with Nightwing. Specifically, issue 6. The trade for that is simply "Infinite Crisis" and has issues 1-7.

The only comic I'm aware of that looks at the events from the other side is Teen Titans volume 3. Annual #1 ties in to the crisis and Teen Titans #33 specifically deals with the team up of Nightwing and Superboy. Afterwards, Superboy's death is a heavy part of the titans story.

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Cool thanks dude

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Have you purchased it yet @Z3RO180: ?

I pull that badboy out and read it every once in awhile, such a cool little tie-in to Infinite Crisis. Dick and Con's monologues are golden hope u enjoy it brother.

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@SmoothJammin no haven't got it yet but I will soon its on the DC app

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@Z3RO180: You won't regret it. I'm actually surprised at the lack of team ups these two have considering Tim and Conner are so close. I guess it's because the dynamic usually goes something like Batman:Superman, Nightwing:Powergirl, Red Robin:Superboy, Robin IV/Batgirl III:Supergirl.

*goes back to playing Lego Batman 2*

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