Nightwing and Starfire were actually supposed to end married?!?!

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COMIC LEGEND: Nightwing and Starfire were originally intended to become happily married in New Titans #100.


There was a long period in the early 90s when Nightwing was basically just in flux.

After his marriage to Starfire in New Titans #100 in 1993 was interrupted, he was sort of in limbo for a year, with a few guest appearances here and there.

And after he was completely written out of New Titans, he had a storyline filling in for Batman post-Knight’s End and Zero Hour.

And then he was back to limbo for most of 1995 until finally he got a new costume and his first mini-series in late 1995.

It was still another year before he gained his own ongoing series in late 1996.

But that series was such a success that it lasted until just last week (and it was canceled not because it was not selling all right, but rather because Nightwing is most likely going to be taking over as Batman again).

However, a lot of the reasons for why Nightwing was in such a state of limbo state in the beginning of the 90s was because the original plans for the character fell through.

Originally, writer/artist Art Thibert was going to do a Nightwing mini-series that would run in 1992, concurrently with New Titans #93-99.

The series, co-written with Pamela Winesette, was about an alien invasion of Earth that led to Starfire being captured and Nightwing has to save her. The main point of the series was to establish Nightwing as an extremely competent hero, and to do so on the largest of scales - in front of the entire superhero community.

At the end of the series, Dick would have a newfound confidence and would ask Starfire to marry him, she’d accept, and this would all lead into New Titans #100, which would be the marriage of Nightwing and Starfire, which would be handled much like Donna Troy and Terry Long’s marriage in Tales of the New Teen Titans #50.

Of course, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, and in this instance, the editor who was driving the project, Jonathan Peterson, left DC for Image Comics in 1992. Thibert had already put off doing the mini-series for a time because of a commitment to Marvel for a Cable ongoing series, but he ended up dropping both series to ALSO go to Image Comics.

So the new editors instead had New Titans writer Marv Wolfman have a wedding ceremony go awry in New Titans #100 (the minister was murdered by a newly-evil Raven) and the character of Nightwing had a bit of a delay on his road to prominence.

Interestingly enough, Thibert had even done a poster to promote the series (that never happened) and DC published it in 1992’s Titans Sell-Out Special #1. Here it is (click to enlarge)!

The scoop on this comes from Bill Walko’s awesome Titans site, Titans Tower. Bill let the interview he did with Jonathan Peterson be reprinted in Glen Cadigan’s great guide to the history of the Titans, the Titans Companion (click here to purchase a copy of the book from TwoMorrows Publishing).

Thanks to Jonathan Peterson for the information and Bill Walko for collecting the info (and allowing it to be disseminated in the Titans Companion)! Be sure to check out Titans Tower for more Titans information!

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Wow....someone was bored

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Darkchild said:
"Wow....someone was bored
you mean Nightwing could have married the most attractive alien ever and instead he now is taking up the mantle of the lamest DC hero ever?

ironic, eh?
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Esther Cotillard LeBeau said:
"Thank God this didn't happen

although Dick kinda has a problem with marriage lol I mean his relationships with Stafire and Barbara were ok until what? they engaged? and never talked about it again....
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no he said he doesn't love her, it's different

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O_O dang... Why can't I have a sexy green eyes radioactive alien girl?  Not fair.. Lucky Bird boy...

Oh, and yeah,that wasn't nice.. NW acted just like his civilian name when he did that to her..

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so wait, whenever Starfire & Dick see each other, they just say hi and act like nothing ever happend? so their still...engaged?Esther Cotillard LeBeau said:

"Alright, but he doesn't love her. I wish I had that scan it was priceless.
found it
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well its not letting me post the pic but click here and youll find it

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Kid Anarchy said:
"so wait, whenever Starfire & Dick see each other, they just say hi and act like nothing ever happend? so their still...engaged?Esther Cotillard LeBeau said:
"Alright, but he doesn't love her. I wish I had that scan it was priceless.
found it
no they broke the engagement but I don't recall any talk about the marriage after that
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For the full scoop on the aborted mini-series, check out the exclusive info on's
"Cutting Room Floor" page. It's under "Titans Hunt Era"

Now, for the strange but cool lost piece: Nightwing and Starfire redesigned by Art Thibert. It's oh so terribly 90s. I wonder if future generations will wonder why the early 90s seemed plagued with falling debris and lots of random smoke. Also, they will imagine that there were contests where, the person who wore the most pouches won... something. Also, the captioner doesn't even recognize Starfire! Ha!

Oh, 90s.

A blogger has posted some additional information on the aborted Nightwing mini-series, as Comic Book Legends reports: "check here for promo art Thibert did for the aborted Nightwing mini-series I mentioned last week (as Frank notes, while the end result was that Nightwing and Starfire were to be married, the specifics of the mini-series from the original plan by Jonathan Peterson, Marv Wolfman and Thibert to the promotional information about the mini-series changed a bit)."

Amazing Heroes #202 featured some upcoming plans for Titans related characters. Like many of those plans, they ended up on the cutting room floor.

Here's what that issue had to say about Nightwing: "Nightwing gets his first limited series when Starfire is put into a coma, and Nightwing must find out who did it. Unfortunately, her sickness becomes so serious that he begins to lose his grip, and his former mentor Batman must intervene. Can Batman get the original Robin back on his feet? And what will Starfire say when Nightwing proposes to her? (Let's just say that Clark and Lois won't be the only engaged couple in the DC Universe!)
Issues: 4. Writers: Art Thibert & Pam Winesette. Artist: Art Thibert. Ships: ?"

For fun, here was the description of the Hybrid ongoing series that never was: "Hybrid and Deathstroke are both recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil, but Hybrid revolts. A team of young humans who have been mutated, they are outcasts. The tycoon Steve Dayton hires them to be a protection squad for his Dayton Industries, but does he have another purpose for them? Writer: Len Wein. Penciller: Art Nichols. Inker: George Perez. Ships: ?"

"Ships: ?" is right, huh?

The plans for New Titans, Deathstroke and Team Titans were more or less what we got, with one additional bit in Team Titans: "This team's Terra decides to join the regular Titans because of her attraction to Changeling. She's replaced by a guy called Battalion, who's.... well, you can probably figure out what he's like."

It was exactly at this point that the whole Titans franchise collapsed when Jonathan Peterson left DC abruptly. It's sort of a shame, because he was really building up the Titans corner of the DCU.
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I remember that issue of Titans #100, brings back memories, those days :-)

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Kory can do better =]

#13 Posted by Assman (1995 posts) - - Show Bio
Vance Astro said:
"Kory can do better =]"

??? Not a Nightwing/Dick fan, huh?
#14 Posted by Vance Astro (89761 posts) - - Show Bio
Assman said:
"Vance Astro said:
"Kory can do better =]"

??? Not a Nightwing/Dick fan, huh?"
The smilley=not serious.
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Assman said:
"Vance Astro said:
"Kory can do better =]"

??? Not a Nightwing/Dick fan, huh?"
Nightwing can do better...

Scratch that, they deserve each other. LOL.
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Nighthunter said:

Starfire looks like Feral

#17 Posted by No_Name_ (16193 posts) - - Show Bio

same wardrobe!

feral looks like


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Sorry to bump an old thread, but anyone ever see Starwing and Nightfire, "created" for Image?

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I love how that 90s Starfire sketch has a utility belt with pouches. XD

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I love that all that was done was a recoloring of an old drawing!

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i just pick #100 up for a 25c

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@Esther Cotillard LeBeau said:
"Thank God this didn't happen"
              Thats right he sould marry Babs.
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raven interrupted the ceremony...right?

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I don't think Dick should ever be married unless it's it to Barbara, and even then i'd still rather him being single.

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