Nightwing after the Crime syndicate

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It seems that the crime syndicate wants to go after nightwing, what do you think is going to happen too him.

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Maybe he's fate is going to be similar to that of Barbara and Bruce. Something bad will happen to him but he won't die that's for sure.

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@rustyroy: @burachi: His parents are already dead so what else could happen? Are they specifically going after Nightwing or is he just going to be the leader of the remaining heroes?

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This is interesting

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I just hope he doesn't die, get crippled, or become a villain. Totally stupid if any one of those happen

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@degraaf: I meant he would probably be crippled but won't die, they said Nightwing will suffer the most so this seems plausible.

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@rustyroy: they won't cripple him, what's the point of that? People love him for his acrobatics and crime fighting crippling him will just upset the fan base and if they wanted a still crippled character they'd have kept Babs as Oracle. It makes no sense to get Babs walking to get Dick that way. Amd he has an annual in October after this whole Villains Month and from the cover and teasers he's just fine in the annual the annuals after he goes through whatever in crime syndicate.

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I think ppl will now see just how good a hero dick is in this an that hez a better leader than batman but just as good as everything bruce is an i think hel save the whole JLA then either hel get his own team or hel join the main JL team

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I'm wondering in what way's he's supposed to suffer exactly, because he's already suffered plenty after Death of the Family and Batman, Inc. Really the only thing left to do to him is cripple him, which I can't see happening as it'd basically kill the character.

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we have seen this question a thousand times and the answer is still no for the multitude of reasons that I have listed previously. the whole "he will suffer" thing is just a hype tool. just like the whole " the bat-family will be destroyed" thing that happened in DOTF. some feelings got hurt but I don't think that in anyway DOTF "destroyed" the bat-family. Damian's death shows that even though they all had hard feelings for Bats most of the family has been trying to help him in the Batman and.... series and the Batman Inc series. so no DOTF did nothing and the Crime Syndicate will do nothing to Dick Grayson

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Perhaps he'll get stuck on the other world at the end of all this.

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@acolombia: Nothing is permanent in comics, and I was just answering to that guy what I meant more than one month ago.

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