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I feel like many times, watching many Battle Fourms with Nightwing involved, I feel like half the time, they underestimate his intellectual prowness and ability as a Detective. So I wanted to put together some things to help clear up some thing about his ability as a Detective and level of Intellect. Sorta like a Respect thread except dedicated to only thing that shows his intelligence and Detective ability. Going to use both Pre-Reboot and New 52 feats for this.

EDIT: There's a lot more to come.

EDIT 2: I hope this thread is enjoyable. I see a lot of people commenting about how he should be leading his own team like the Justice League. I'm thinking about opening a thread showcasing his skills as a leader before the reboot. Also wanting to do something showcasing his skills in battle.

Edit 3: I also forgot to menton this: This is filled by a lot of feats Pre-Reboot. The reason for that is this: The New 52 makes his Detective abilities and Intellect questionable then what it use to be. For example: Nighwing 10-14 has him go through 2 story arcs. The Tomorrow people did show some detective ability but in comparison to what I post, he's portrayed as being a bit slower. Also, it's the same arc where he has trouble with Paragon, a character who IMO sucks. He has no background on how he aquired the tech he has nor his combat training and yet gave Nightwing a hard time. A low showing. Also, the next arc pits him against Lady Shiva. While their fight was cool IMO, his skills there were lower then it was before the reboot. He lost that fight because of an injury he aquired from the first issue. And wasn't even explored upon, as he then fought Saiko 3 times, a demon similar to Etrigan, and a couple of minor character and never hindered him before. Then Paragon's fight somehow made that injury reappear and then is a contributing factor of why he lost? And was played by Penguin. And thought the Joker was involved. Joker wasn't even involved in that arc nor made any significant appearance till the end, in which led to the Death of the Family crossover. I laughed, honestly, on how they now portray him as a detective and fighter. There's also the Chicago Arc. While I probably post things about it, keep in mind that arc also undermines his initial intellect. In that arc, he meets a skilledv hacker. I'll try finding feats of him in his hacking prowess but i know he's been good to the point not just anyone should hack his suit easily.And later has his roomate, who just happen to specialize in Computer Security, try to explain to him ways to protect his suit, despite having the resources from his mentor along with Tim Drake to be able to do that all on his own with a few pointers, not that he even needs pointers. He's been shown to be computer-able before so I don't get why in the New 52, his intellect and deductive ability has went down a notch or 2. Can't tell If it's because his writer is aware of his skills in that area or thats a New 52 change. He's not the only incantation to show this. In YJ, He was shown to be an expert hacker. My point of this edit post is that I'll try putting good New 52 feats up but considering his portrayal right now, it's going to somewhat difficult finding good ones that deal with his intellect and detective ability.

Here, He deduces that Talia was involved in a a development of armed wing-men. (Pre-Reboot)

Solves 4 Cases in a Single Morning after watching America's Most Wanted. (Pre-Reboot)

Deduces who the New Azrael is(Pre-Reboot)

After unmasking him, He quickly deduces who the new Vigilante is very quickly. (Pre-Reboot)

Shows off his observant skills(Pre-Reboot)

Figures out who the Black Mask is. He does later end up putting him in Arkham.(Pre-Reboot)

Deduces the Getaway Genius uses Holographic Tech and also knows that he is, infact, a she(Pre-Reboot)

Deduces that the Shade is the person linking all the shadow energy together although everyone else believes its Jade given her connection to both shadow and starheart energy. Also, he gets complimented by saying he's the world's greatest Detective. He corrects the person and says he's the 2nd best, Inferring Bruce Wayne is 1st. (Pre-Reboot)

Designed a specialize Stun Gernade specifically for Clayface.

Builds his own "Wing-Mobile". Was a Prototype later for his Batmobile when he took over as Batman(Pre-Reboot)

Builds and programs his own Tech-Glider(Pre-Reboot)

Mentions he can fool a Polygraph

Hacks an Alien Terminal with the use of the Tameranian Language.(Pre-Reboot)

Formulates a Plan that defeated the Cosmic Villain Omega Man and also defeated the Crime Syndicate, including Owlman(Bruce Wayne's evil counterpart)(Pre-Reboot)

Even before becoming Robin, was displayed able to deduce riddles quicker than Batman himself.

Figures out clues to Batman's whereabouts quicker then Batman anticipated. Also, as a bonus, he needs HIS help.(Pre-Reboot)

In this story, he ends up solving a mystery even quicker then Batman himself. Getting remarked by him of his skills as a Detectivem even.(Pre-Crisis)

In this story, with a little tech help from Oracle, He solves a cold case that has been solved for 15 years.(Pre-Crisis)

Here, he's shown to be a little quicker then Damian. Though this is more of a feat for Damian and it's expected for someone like Dick to have already realize this. This just shows that he did, indeed, show Damian how to be a better detective during his experience as Batman and him as Robin. He also think it's because the "Apple doesn't fall far from three".(Pre-Crisis)

He deduces who Sexton really was: Joker. Good feat on Joker's end in disguise cause he almost fooled Robin and Batman initially in the story. Robin was able to pick up things, though. And Batman seemed to already have been suspicious before, as he shows that now. On a personal note: This was a complete surprise to me(Pre-Reboot)

Can tell Ray Man was using illusions to trick them, encourages Robin and Nightrunner to tell themselves it's not real. It should be noted he was 1st to be the one to get through the illusion. This feat also showcases his indomitable will.

In this Story, Superman enlists the help of Nightiwng in tracking down Dr. Bruce Gordon. This shows even Superman trusts him enough to help and do the job. (Pre-Reboot)

In this story, one of Nightwing's rogues gets a hold of an Full Spectrum Flash Pulse gun. He is able to explain what it is and infers the gun is likely of Alien Origin.(Pre-Reboot)

Nightwing reveals he had hacked the JLA Emergency Overide Codes to access their Teleporter. He then also reveals that the JLA don't even know he did so.

Here, the DC Encyclopedia even mentions him of being 2nd to Batman in Detective ability. Not Tim Drake, who many say he's a better Detective than Nigtwing. Nor the Question, who has detective skills that rival that of Batman. This makes sense, as when Batman is supposedly dead, it's Dick who becomes Batman, the World's Greatest Detective. It wouldn't make sense for Red Robin to be a better Detective, as that undermines a great trait needed in anyone truly being Batman. Not to mention that Dick himself taught Tim during the times they spent together. (Pre-Reboot)

Speaking of Tim, Dick is teaching Tim the importance of observation. He takes the role of a mentor in this. Keep in mind this is before Tim becomes the 3rd Robin and eventually Red Robin. (Pre-Reboot)

We see more of his observant skills. And not only that, We also see him some off some scientific knowledge (Pre-Reboot)

In this story, He tracks down Donna's past life, as she cannot remember. This is, perhaps, the single most best detective ability displayed for Dick Grayson. And this was his last major story arc as Robin. Here, he showed much dedication into it. Some scans will show his dedication and skill. This arc is good IMO because It does not involve Batman. I love him but with, Dick Grayson or Tim Drake, he always makes it harder for them to get a good showing. This is also something he did on expense for Donna's happiness. It was a nice story. However, this was possibly rectonned, as Donna's origin is known to be changed around. Now, it appears before she was erased in N52, she can recall living multiple lives with different origins. (Pre-Reboot, Possibly Rectoned)

Here, we see more of his dedication and determination of uncovering the mystery of "Who is Donna Troy?" This clearly shows that even as Robin, his skills in Detective ability is top-notched. And he has grown from his experiences. However, like previously stated, this is possibly rectonned due to Donna's inconsistent history(Pre-Reboot, Possibly Rectonned)

Here, He's seen to be able to read motion and body language. In the New 52, this is a improvement to a ability he had already. A big reason why he was such a people person before was because of the ability to read others. This was mention in a book similar to the DC Encyclopedia. The New 52 has it taken to a new height that is very similar to Cassandra Cain's ability to read others. This not only helps him in detective reasoning with others, but also combat ability.(New 52)

Here's his Motion reading skills are shown in action, showing him to beat Johnny Spade in a Card Game.(New 52)

Bruce mentions that he has a gift for reading motion after teaming up with him multiple times during the night as Dick investigates the murder of his parents. Interesting fact, This is reminiscent Batman, who also did the same thing when he investigated the Court of the Owls, who he thought had a play in his parent's death. Except he ended up trapped in a house for days and Alfred was his Batman in it. And he didn't really team up with anyone.Otherwise, they're very similar in motive and how they initially react. (New 52)

These scan showcase his Body reading ability. The first time met Bruce(2nd Scan), he notices some traits when Bruce realizes what Dick goes through is just like him. Later, he meets Batman and notices those same movements and suspects he's Batman.(New 52)

Various Gadgetry Nightwing can use. Note All the ones here present are Standard Equipment. And as far as we know, he makes these on his own. (New 52)

Nightwing has created over 6 suits. Some as Nightwing and some as Robin. (New 52)

Creates a Kill Switch within his Costume to combat Prankster whenever he blacked out his lens. (New 52)(Nightwing 24)

Mentions he has the skill to dismantle bomb and cleverly comes up with a plan to save the neighborhood from exploding.(New 52)(Nightwing 24)

Disguises himself as Batman on Bruce's orders. (Batman Inc.)(New 52)

Cleverly deduces how Donna Troy was captured by Deathstroke. (Tale of Teen Titans 43)(Pre-Reboot)

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again should be leading his own JL team with notable characters and a few who lesser none they want to bring along.

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@kasino said:

again should be leading his own JL team with notable characters and a few who lesser none they want to bring along.

Agreed. The reason I put this together was, like the OP said, many people underestimate his deductive ability and intelligence. They act like being trained by Batman isn't something special, despite the feats he pulls off. And he's his first. And plus, i remember Kyle Higgins commented that during a Daredevil vs Nightwing fight that was done with vote that he wasn't sure If he could figure out his weakness to loud sounds. I like Higgins but he shoulda known his detective ability is 2nd only to Batman. And People forget he is at least the Top 5 Detectives with Question or Tim Drake being in his way. Though I heard Tim Drake possess a higher intellect then him, and people assume it's cause of that, he's a better detective. I think it's just intellect prowess. There's a scan saying he's second to Batman in Detective ability by the DC Handbook I'll post.

With this post, I hope to prove that he's not an idiot nor is his detective ability subpar. He might not be Batman or Red Robin smart, but he's close. That goes double for this detective ability. I remember reading Nightwing 13 and 14 and I already knew of his Detective Ability. And those 2 issues made me facepalm at how dumb he was. And he's wasn't ever portrayed that dumb before to what I recall.

There's a reason why he was able to lead the amount of team he led pre-reboot.

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Him solving cases for America's Most Wanted in his free time is still one of the greatest things in comic history to me. Both awesome and hilarious at the same time.

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We need a JL book with Nightwing as it's leader asap!


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