In what way did he improve?

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I'm just putting this question out there because a lot of people on the Battle Forums say Dick should now beat some opponents he's lost to before (I remember quite a few people saying so on the Nightwing vs Bane thread) because his skills improved as a result of being Batman while Bruce was lost in time. I know that Dick says his time as Batman made him stronger and his movements flawless (in Nightwing #1), but did he ever fight anyone or do anything during his tenure under the cowl that he couldn't have done when he was Nightwing?

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I think Nightwing's improved skills are much like how many people believe that Shang Chi is the best fighter in the Marvel Universe although his feats don't reflect that at all.I do know what you're talking about though.I've read quite a bit of people suggesting that Dick has gotten better as Batman in debates, the debate I remember was Batman (Grayson) vs. Captain America (Bucky) but I didn't get a valid response as to how he had improved.I would love to see some proof myself.

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his detective skills for one and mostly that id say. when he looked after bludheaven there weren't too. many cases where he didnt know who or what party were involved in the crime.the challenge was getting the hard evidence to convict them or beating them up(free lance fighters i.e. shriek, lady vic , guy who threw knives etc.).while gathering allies to help him out in the police,legal system it was never really a question of who did it or where they are which made his search easier.In gotham some of the cases he would work hed have no clue who did it so he cant confront the baddy head on or set them up having to do more work.

and he knew who controlled what portion of the city which didnt change much or at all during his stay.gotham in the other hand had new crime bosses coming while fighting old crime/current crime bosses with other lesser gangs trying to do something and then who ever emerged victorious would find himself fighting to stay on top once more . it was complete mayham the flow of power kept changing and to top it off every single arkham patient out free.

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He learned some stuff from his mentor.

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@Billy Batson said:

He learned some stuff from his mentor.

True dat. lol.

The thing is, that while he hasn't explicitly gone through any specific training that's made him better, much like many characters.

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He didn't extremely improve, but he did mature.

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@Deranged Midget said:

He didn't extremely improve, but he did mature.

This. I think his time as Batman has made him evolve as a person which made him a better fighter/acrobat/detective or whatever have you.

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He didn't go through any specialized training, but he gained experience and matured due to it. He's more focused now and that allows him to be better than he was before.

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@Deranged Midget said:

He didn't extremely improve, but he did mature.


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We'll have to wait and see what happens on panel.

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He got better writers

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