If Nightwing Gets a Solo Series Again

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After battle for the cowl ends that is and Bruce comes back, who would you want as the creative team?

Me, I'd like to see Mark Waid (who really wants to write the book) and Mike Lilly return as artist.

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Guys who I think would do a great job:

Ed  Brubaker

Mark Waid

Geoff Johns

Kurt Busiek

Brad Meltzer

Peter Tomasi

Marv Wolfman

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Mark Waid would be good

so would Brubaker because he can write any street leveler good

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Wade'd be a good choice.  Tomasi or Brubaker as well.  Wolfman can write whatever he wants and I'll be happy with it.

I gotta disagree with both Johns and Meltzer though.  Meltzer can tell a good story, but he leaves a whole heck of a lot of plot holes and has already shown a disregard for Gotham Knight continuity during Identity Crisis.  I don't want him getting ahold of Nightwing.  Johns has similar continuity problem.  He could do a good job but I'd rather not risk it.  Between the two, I'd rather Johns be left in charge.

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Well as for Meltzer and Johns they have the three qualities it needs to do a good run on Nightwing in my opinion

1- Being a good writer

I think we can agree that both of them are

2-Have a sense of love/respect for the character.

Meltzer has expressed that he likes Nightwing a lot, he wanted him with his JLA relaunch but wasn't able to put it because Winnick wanted him in the Outsiders for the OYL line-up (Ok, that makes me mad) yet he includes it in everything he can even it's just a small panel, in everything he does there's Nightwing.

Geoff Johns on the other hand has also expressed how much he likes Nightwing, he loves the character and has an instinct of making him look no matter what. In his Teen Titans no one was really a good leader, however Nightwing just shows up and everyone follows him without question and you hear Superboy basically saying how NW is the coolest guy in the room, when the JLA and the Teen Titans start fighting for no real reason and even Superman is  unable to stop the conflict you see Nightwing show up and put everyone in their place, in Infinite Crisis you see him as someone who can fight a bunch of OMACS at the same time and even though he is the only guy without powers in the fight against Prime he is still the leader.

Johns was willing to kill Superboy who was his favorite teen titan at the moment just to keep Nightwing from dying.

3-Have a few fresh ideas and the willingness to explore them

Brad Metlzer's strong point has always been character interaction, especially his family dynamics. Think of what he could do with the relationships between Dick and Bruce (you know he is comming back lol) or with Tim or Alfred? That without counting his great love for Deathstroke who by all means is Nightwing's biggest enemy, also his love to "resolve" things, ok so he pretty much ignored that the second Terra was in fact the original one and by logic the one he should have gone against is Black Adam, but he thought that the story between Geo-Force and Deathstroke needed a resolution and more development.

Imagine what he could do if he decided to make Nightwing finally avenge what Deathstroke did to Blüdhaven?

Johns is always full of ideas, some of them are cooler than others but he could bring a few things to the table, including a reinvention of the Nightwing's rogue gallery, something that he greatly deserves.

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True, Johns did a good job of writing Dick whenever he showed up in Teen Titans or Flash.  I like a lot of Johns' stuff.  Flash and JSA were great.  He's even had some good ideas on Green Lantern.  He just drops the ball too often for him to be my first choice.

I liked his run on Teen Titans.  It was probably even better than the end of Wolfman's run....if you had never heard of the characters before.  After I read Young Justice I tried rereading Johns' run on Titans.  I hated it.  Loathed it.  He can't write Wondergirl, Impulse or Superboy worth crap.  Judd Winnick and Dan Didio killed Young Justice but Geoff Johns was the one that raped and then lit fire to its corpse.  I know Peter David is a hard act to follow but he literally sucked all the fun out of those characters.  Beast Boy was the only one that I thought he really understood as a character and to a certain extent Cyborg.

After watching him take everything that was great about four of my favorite characters that then singlehandedly take most of that away, I've lost confidence in him.  The first issue of Flash: Rebirth didn't help.  If I didn't know better, I'd think that was Professor Zoom again because he's not acting anything like Barry.

But on the other hand, Johns has shown great reverance to Nightwing in his other books.  Maybe he'd be able to make the book count.

As for Meltzer...its just plothole after plothole.  He doesn't do the research, plain and simple.  Red Arrow?  Stupid flipping concept.  Roy wore almost the same costume years ago, right after Green Arrow died I might add, and got next to no reaction from Dinah.  Now I'm supposed to believe the sight of him in it brings tears to her eyes?  Don't even get me started on Identity Crisis.  Even Archer's Quest, which was a really good read, was all in all a pointless and overcomplicated premice.  The ring and the truck were cool but everything else was just overly complicated and Catman and Shade didn't need to be involved one bit.  And I had completely forgotten about Last Will and Testament.  You're right, the Terra thing was ridiculous, especially considering Geo-Force still believed Terra II to be his sister.

Point being, Meltzer is pretty good at telling stories issue by issue but when you look at the whole thing?  It's fairly poor quality, even ignoring his constant plotholes.

There are worse writers.  Much worse writers.  But there are a lot of better ones too.

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didn't hear a complain about the deathstroke/nightwing fight idea though :P

and isn't Flash: Rebirth according to Johns the "story in which Barry tries to recover his humanity"? I mean maybe that's why it sounds off, wouldn't know, outside of COIE never heard something with Barry in it

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Well, he stared in his own book for 25 years and was a member of the JLA to boot.  There was never really a time that I felt his humanity was in jeopardy...

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it's supposed to be for being so much time mixed in the speed force, he had forgotten all of his persona

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Johns would be amazing, but he's really just DC's golden child right now.  Any DC book that man writes ends up as a best seller.   I really doubt DC would put him on a book/character that editorial doesn't quite get.

Plus Johns is super busy.

Would Brubaker ever leave Marvel?

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Will44 said:
"Johns would be amazing, but he's really just DC's golden child right now.  Any DC book that man writes ends up as a best seller.   I really doubt DC would put him on a book/character that editorial doesn't quite get.Plus Johns is super busy.Would Brubaker ever leave Marvel?"
No Brubaker! If he leaves Marvel, I'm losing 3 awesome titles.
Give the series to Tomasi, but have someone else be the think tank when it comes to story. Tomasi hasn't been that great with actual story, but is awesome at the writing part
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Dick becomes Batman and will be starring the following series: Batman, Batman and Robin, and Batman: Streets of Gotham.

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