I fear formDick Grayson in the coming mounths.

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So according to Grace Randolph Dick Grayson will be a key character in a massive crossover event called forever evil. While saying this she mentions that one of the people behind the crossover is the guy who wanted to kill Dick way back in Infinite crisis ( I forget his name ) So what do you guys think. Is Dick in danger of being killed off ?

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maybe. hopefully not. i really like his series. But all just predictions. They just said that Dick Grayson will be massively affected.

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@batmannflash: I never even knew There was an event until I watched that vidio.

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@z3ro180: He won't be killed but something bad is going to happen to him.

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@z3ro180: yeah villains month is going to be awesome. I just hope that they don't mess around with Grayson too much.

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@batmannflash: Oh man Dick is going to beat beat up so bad....that sounds very wrong but you get the idea .

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If some bulls### occurs, I'm going to be pissed. Two things I wouldn't be surprised by - They Batman Beyond him, and take away an eye. He becomes a Talon.

Either way, it'll be stupid.

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The annual says something about Batgirl so something bad probably happens between them

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They're going to paralyze him and turn him into the new Oracle.

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Worst thing I can see happening is having a Bane pulled on him.

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I'm actually excited for this....Dick is finally going to get some big time spotlight as Nightwing

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Grace Randolph pretty much knows nothing about the DC universe and is HEAVILY biased towards Marvel. I enjoyed her videos at first but lately that bias has become a bit more obvious.

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I really hope Dick comes away from this relatively unscathed. One of the things I like about Dick Grayson is that, yes he's been through a lot of sh!t but that he always manages to find a way to move forward/carry on. (New 52 hasn't really shown this as much).

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@noj: I have noticed that. It's really noticeable in any vidieo about man of steel.

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Owlman and Superwoman are lovers right? What if in the alternate earth something happens to Dick Grayson, and it somehow turns Owlman good. Maybe that's why Superwoman really hates Grayson, cause he caused Owlman to turn against them. The Crime syndicate pretty much revolve around Owlman. So they reach out to the earth prime and grab Dick Grayson and tell him to play along or else.

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