How much does Dick Grayson weigh(height)?

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I'm trying to get a good estimate. I've heard, seen 5'10 175lbs but it seems like that is a bit too big.

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around 5'10-5'11 and 175-180

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A lot of the stats regarding height and weight seem to be for pre-Flashpoint.

If you look at the image from B&R (can't remember the issue exactly but it was the one where the whole 'Battle of the Robins' was tied up), where Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian are alll together it clearly shows Dick as being taller than Jason. Pre-Flashpoint Jason was 6"0 and 225lbs, so in other words he was both taller and a heck of a lot more bulky. So now we have a situation whereby either Dick has gotten taller (more like Bruce's height now) and bulkier, or Jason has shrunk down a fair amount in terms of height and weight.

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id say Dick and Jason are arond the 6'0 mark in tearm of hight

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@LuigiBat: Dick did look taller but Jason to me steel looks bigger/bulkier.

#6 Posted by LuigiBat (231 posts) - - Show Bio

@Saucedo17 said:

@LuigiBat: Dick did look taller but Jason to me steel looks bigger/bulkier.

Well he's going to look more 'buff' and bulky if they've made him shorter. Take two guys who work out (same body fat % for arguments sake), one is 5"5 and the other is 6"2, the shorter guy likely weighs less but will look like he has far more muscular mass than the tall guy. Relating this back to comics, Dick would be the taller guy in the aforementioned scenario (going by what I'v seen).

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5'10, 175 lbs.

#8 Posted by graysonofgotham (506 posts) - - Show Bio

Yep 5'10 175.

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