grayson as a green lantern

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I personally think they need to kill 2 of the GL's. Then they can get another one from a different planet in the sector and just not replace the other one (three is enough). So adding a fifth would be excessive.

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@nightwing91: thanks

@Blacklightning13: Jay Garrick John Stewart Kyle Rayner Guy Gardener Hal Jordan

of those I wish only the first two remained Earth GL's

Kyle should be a Blue Lantern. Hal would be an incredible disciple to Sinestro and his corps after Parallax event

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@nightwing91 said:

@BlackArmor: Well you see, it was in Green Lantern vol 4 issue 9, Hal lets Batman us his ring but to properly utilize it he has to move past his parents death, something he's unable to do.


Can anyone see this fantasy fight in the making?

YL Bruce vs GL Dick

*having convulsions*

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@SmoothJammin: Hal isn't that bad either. Also Jay Garrick is a flash, you probably mean Alan Scott.

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@Blacklightning13: Of course :)

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Wow. I actually would not mind if NW took a temp leave to go join the BL corps for like half a year then came back. Go for it

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@gambit1024: He'd be a better Blue Lantern. Tim's more of a Green Lantern.

Other way around

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I can honestly see Dick as both a Blue and a Green Lantern. I think all the Bat-Sons could be Green Lanterns with the amazing will power it takes to do what they do. Tim and Dick are the only ones i'd say could ever be Blue Lanterns though, the only ones who really do believe and hope for a better world, whereas Jason and Damian kinda just view the world as a dark and ugly place that needs to be answered with the same emotions in return.

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Blue Lantern I agree. Dick's not restrained to Detective work/Crimefighting in Gotham like Bruce is. He can get away with going on space adventures with the GL's or JLA. More time on his hands too(1 ongoing while Bats crosses over in like 5 books a month)

Edit: Forgot to mention that Batman has wielded the green ring, yellow ring AND the white ring. It's only fair.

I thought the Batman that wielded the white lantern ring was actually Dick? Can someone confirm this?

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Really? Earth has too much Green Lanterns, especially since it already has too much heroes than writers know to do with.

I can't really picture him as a GL. Maybe a Blue Lantern, if only for the costume :)

Plus, Dick is someone that can inspire hope in people.

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@therrieur: I own the issue. Need to fish through my longboxes to find it but I can assure you it was Bruce. I bought it thinking it might be Dick but was sadly mistaken.

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