Ghostwalker Theories.

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Who could he be?

Anyone else trying to figure out who all the people in the promo are?

I only think one of them has even been mentioned in the comics so far. That being Ghostwalker, who is standing on the building at the top right. At least I'm pretty sure that is Ghostwalker. I have no clue who the girl is who's flying through the air beside Nightwing. And in the far distance you can see a person standing on a building. The Prankster maybe? I feel Kyle Higgins is trying to set up a nice vigilante murder mystery and not a lot of people are talking about it. We're gonna fix that.

Theory Time: Could Ghostwalker be Tony Zucco?

He moves to Chicago to escape from the masked vigilante Nightwing. Only to find out Chicago is filled with them. He has a huge hatred towards vigilanes, so he makes a deal with the powers that be to wipe them out. What if his family is all just a double/triple life. What if Sonia Branch turns out to be the vigilante flying through the air beside Nightwing in the promo. Maybe she learned about her father's past and went to hunt down Dick Grayson. Then Ghostwalker/Zucco hired Lady Shiva to kill his own daughter.

What do you guys think?

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@nightwingdg: ooh lol is Nightwing getting a team together? I haven't been reading it.

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GhostWalker was a vigilante in Chicago along with Aether. They were later killed in what seems to be a fire several years before Nightwing's arrival in the event called the "Mask Murders" where many of Chicago's vigilantes were dying. So the man in the top right of the Promo picture above isn't Ghostwalker. His identity is unknown thus far. The girl flipping behind Nightwing or whatever is probably Mali, who appeared in Nightwing #19 . Only thing known about her is that she's "somewhat of a mimic" and crazy.

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I bought promo drawing at comic con and when I asked who they were, I was told that they were originally going to be used but the story was scrapped

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