Did Nightwing ever have a robot suit?

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I've noticed that Bruce Wayne has had several suits that augment his physical capabilities, these being the Batbot, the Suit of Sorrows, and the Batman Beyond suit for Terry McGinnis. I've also noticed that these suits are used as somewhat of a last resort against physically overpowering foes, with the exception of the Batman Beyond suit which was always used by Terry McGinnis. I'm curious as to whether or not Bruce ever built Dick a suit reminiscent of the ones he had, or if Dick ever built one for himself. I think it would be cool if Dick had a Batman Beyond-like suit to knock around villains like Blockbuster sometimes.

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- I've never heard of Richard having his own mechanical suit.

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To my knowledge the closest Dick's ever gotten to that type of thing was his 2nd NIghtwing suit, which didn't augment his strength or anything, but simply gave him a gliding ability.

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