Dick Grayson vs your favorite horror movie antagonist.

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If there has been two consistent things in my life, It has been my love for comics and  my love for all things horror. Especially the  horror film. I guess my point is if you could see Dick Grayson, Nightwing himself, take on your favorite horror film antagonist, who would you pick? I used the word "antagonist" and not "killer" so Jigsaw from SAW for instance even tho he just sets traps and makes people make horrendous decisions BUT still does not himself "kill" per se counts in this. 
I'll start : 
Dick Grrayson is my all time favorite comic book comic book character, and Nightwing is  my favorite of  his varied personas. (truth be told I  have Nightwing tattooed on me and I' m damn proud being a Grayson fan.)  
So I got the idea for this thread while I was watching  The Collector. I really want to see  The Collection so I was re-watching  The Collector. It got me thinking...What if it was  Nightwing in that house instead of Arkin? Could  Nightwing avoid the  gruesomely deadly traps, save the  Chase family AND fight off the sick maniac that is The Collector?  For  my  money  Nightwing  would spank  him but it would be a blast to watch. 
So who do you pick? No right or wrong answer just would love to know.

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Jason Vorhees. No matter how agile or fast Nightwing was, Jason would always catch up to him. That would be fun to see.

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Mine's also Dick vs Jason, however I think Dick would probably win. He's deal with stuff bigger and badder than Jason.

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Definitely Dick vs Micheal, I've always wanted Micheal to feel terror for once

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Dick vs Jason i could see both sides winning here...

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Nightwing vs Walkers. He should have his own tv show..

(credit to mortacci-tua )

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