Dick Grayson's Post-FOREVER EVIL Fate Has Been Revealed

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We've all been wondering what will happen to Dick Grayson after FOREVER EVIL. In the first issue, his identity was publicly revealed. That doesn't leave too many options for a masked vigilante. Most of the speculation was that he would die or have his death faked in order to continue operating under a different guise.

While there have been some delays, Dick Grayson's fate has now been revealed.

USA Today has reported that Dick Grayson will become...a super-spy.

The new titles will be called GRAYSON. It will be written by Tim Seeley and Tom King, a former CIA counterterrorism operations officer. Dick Grayson will have to pretend he's dead, even to his loved ones such as Batgirl (which we saw Barbara mention in last week's BATGIRL). He will be joining the spy agency Spyral, seen in BATMAN INCORPORATED.

Dick will get a new look courtesy of Mikel Janin. No more mask. He'll have a "G" on his chest as a call back to the "R" from his days as Robin.

The first issue will be on sale July 2.

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Nothing at all like Winter Soldier!

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Ha, nope.

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I can dig it.

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I don't usually hate stuff at first sight, but when I do, it's something like this

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This is real dumb. I hope it ends up being dumb in a good way!

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"And thus Dick Grayson lost all relevance and appeal that day."

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So he's become the Winter Soldier, not hating cause I want to find out more, but....................

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Well, I guess. This just seems really dumb. Now what about the blond dude in the Batman Thanksgiving image?

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Ehhhhh.....Dick Grayson Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D

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He should of just died.

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I love it actually glad he isnt dead dead and this might be neat.

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A gun though? Seems too out of character.
And the Super-spy thing came out of nowhere but still I am always open to more Grayson no matter the identity or title.

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I'm sure this series will end up being pretty good, but the obvious Winter Soldier-ness aside, this only sounds like the premise of a Marvel book.

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To elaborate on my previous thoughts, this sounds awesome. Finally DC is relaunching a series with an A-list creator.

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@night_thrasher: Probably for the best. They already kinda Winter Soilder'd Jason Todd and that came out great. If they did that with Grayson than everyone would think of it as dull and unoriginal. I for one welcome this change with high hopes. I will miss his alter ego Nightwing though.

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Dick as a super spy?

He's gonna get so much tail...

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Lol The "G" on his chest reminds me of someone...

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Stupid. I see why Kyle Higgins left now, this is 100% stupid.

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this looks ok, of course the die hard fans are already hating and havent even read the issue yet

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So, he won't be forming a super team with NuWally or NuDonna. What a waste. Hopefully he gets back into costume soon... That gun is really out of character too.

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I'm not a fan. They could've given Dick a different superhero identity for awhile. Making him a super spy seems lazy.

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I like Grayson, glad they aren't going to kill him (then inevitably bring him back) but I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, it seems like a direct attempt by DC to try and hope to get some of the "Winter Soldier" vibe. Also seeing Dick with a gun, I don't know, it's just not him. He's not someone who would pull a trigger, unless the first few issues address a major character evolution.

On the flip side, it's being at least counseled-upon by a former Operator. Something that could bring the spy/special operations aspects of comics a bit of legitimacy and elevate their game since writers typically address them in simply their perception of how they might work. It's not the writer's fault for never having been in that role or wanted to do it, but I think having someone who has at least counsel on it would help.

I'll give it a chance, I've been a fan of Grayson since he first donned the Nightwing name.

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Whu..? What...?

You know what? I will be reading this. But, I don't think I'll enjoy this. Who knows? I might be wrong. I enjoyed the few first series of Grayson's run as Nightwing, but it's been quite a boring tale lately. Monotonous. This. I have no comment. I'll just have to read to find out.

*a "G" like his "R" when he was Robin? Feels forced. Why not create an original symbol -- on the "G" badge/thing, or a symbol giving a nod to his old persona as Nightwing. The animated Nightwing symbol would work on his badge thing.

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i thought dick wasnt ok with the whole gun thing. Is he constantly going to shoot the inanimate object I.E gun knife whatever.

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Dick as a super spy?

He's gonna get so much tail...


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Nothing at all like Winter Soldier!

Well, Winter Soldier was sort of...similar to the situation with Red Hood, so....

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Ehhhhh.....Dick Grayson Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D

Beat me to it!

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i wish he returns as ROBIN

#33 Edited by MannEffest (1280 posts) - - Show Bio

… Okay then.

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Now this is unexpected but looks and sound sounds very promising.

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... I'll give it a shot...but this is a very strange move on DC's part.

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I'm not gonna lie.... I f"$%ing love this!

Love Tim Steeley

Love Spies

Love That Art

What's not to like?

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Stupid. I see why Kyle Higgins left now, this is 100% stupid.

But it is a right move though...

Dick is a forever-evolving character. His whole carrier is about him growing up and in the end become Batman (even unwillingly), taking Bruce's mantle should be the end of that carrier and the pinnacle, the moment DC made him Nightwing again, the character had nothing to give, he fullfiled his role, It is like making Wally, Kid Flash again. Also as Nightwing, Dick had become stale, he can't get past his mentor's shadow because of editorial mandate, he can't seem to find a stable status quo so DC should try something new.

Of cource, this is an extremely unexpected 180-turn but it is better than a series of mediocre runs or the character sitting in the side-lines, stuck between being second-fiddle to Batman.

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Sounds stupid. I don't wanna see dick as a spy. Dick had no place in forever evil anyway I have no idea why they did this to him. Another crappy new 52 decision. Ruined another character. And I wonder if batman knows he's still really alive.

Unless he's not really a spy and still does stuff like Nightwing did I don't like this idea so far

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Nothing at all like Winter Soldier!

That's the first thing I thought.

On the plus side - I really enjoyed Tom King's novel - Once Filled Skies. It was a love letter to comic book fans. So he knows how to do this.

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doesnt really come out of nowhere, as bats ex lover is the head of this spy ring and having a former batman as a spy makes sense...

the gun thing will definitely be addressed, i can see him only using it in dire situations

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I will miss Nightwing and I'll miss Dick interacting with the Bat-Family, but I must say that this looks good. I just hope that Dick isn't killing people now.

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Yawn. So boring.

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Wow this is just lazy what was the board meeting for this....did they crack open a Winter Solider comic and just say perfect lets make Dick Grayson a half assed version of this.

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@zeeguy91 said:

@night_thrasher said:

Nothing at all like Winter Soldier!

Well, Winter Soldier was sort of...similar to the situation with Red Hood, so....

And they even debuted around the same time Bucky came back in the January issue of 2005 and Jason came back the February issue of 2005.

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Looks really interesting. Definitely onboard.

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Huh. That was....unexpected. I didn't expect FE to change much in the DC 'verse, but this is interesting. I might actually give this a shot.

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Why does having a public ID mean he can't be Nightwing? It works for Captain America and Iron Man.

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Hey, I like it. Plus Spyral's coming back so that's a plus for us Batman Inc. fans

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Why does having a public ID mean he can't be Nightwing? It works for Captain America and Iron Man.

With his life style, it would cause trouble for people to know his identity. He doesn't have the proper resources to protect his loved ones, and him being Nightwing publicly full time would make it harder for other Batfamily members to keep a low profile.

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