Dick & Damian or Bruce & Damian?

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Well, it's gonna be Bruce & Damian now. So who do you think was the better duo. Personally, even though I like Bruce more than Dick, I think Dick & Damian is better. They seem to have more chemistry, and I don't think their story was over yet.

#2 Posted by DEGRAAF (7895 posts) - - Show Bio

agreed. Bruce didnt work well with Damien and was impatient with his learning. They are going to have to change Bruce or Damien if they want to make it work differently than the first time
#3 Posted by TheGoldenOne (38849 posts) - - Show Bio
I like Dick with Damien.
#4 Posted by The_Tree (7720 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Dick with Damian, but I think Damian's become well-rounded in Bruce's absence and I think he'd work well with Bruce now, and it's gonna give us the opportunity to see a cool father son dynamic.

#5 Posted by batalha (5 posts) - - Show Bio

The thing with the Dick/Damian team was that Dick was more than happy only guiding Damian to the solutions and having him think he did it himself and that is the main thing that made them work. Dick's personality is much better suited to teach Damian, Bruce is a "my way or the high way" guy, and I don't think that Damian will respond well to that style of teaching. That said, although I don't think they will get along at first Damian will eventually learn to really some humility and will probably be going to Dick for advice on how to deal with Bruce a few times before they really start working well together.

#6 Posted by Primmaster64 (21138 posts) - - Show Bio

Dick and Damian.

#7 Posted by rogue_mar1e (19833 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Bruce better as Batman, and I think Damian getting to spend time with his dad will be great. But I also really loved the Dick / Damian team up and i'll miss it :(

#8 Posted by BlackPookie (640 posts) - - Show Bio

we havent seen much of Bruce Damien relationship but i have to be honest: Dick is soooo much better in difficult relationships...

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