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 Can somebody make me a list (please try to be specific) of all the comics/issues Dick appears as Batman? Mainly the newer ones.

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well the whole Batman and Robin series... for one.

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There's probably some issues I missed i just got sick of looking through them.
Well he was batman in the prodigal storeline which is 90's, Batman 512-514, Shadow of the bat 32-34,detective comics 679-681, and Robin 11-13. Then the newer ones, his first apparence as batman, is the very ending of battle for the cowl 3. And the entire Batman and Robin series is Dick as batman.
Detective comics- (862,864,865, 866) Batman- (687-704)  Streets of Gotham- (1-14, and then issue 17)   Justice League of America (41-51) Superman/batman (75-79)
 Red Robin(1,4,11, 12-15)  Batgirl(1,5,6,7,11,15) Gotham City Sirens (3,6,7,16,18) Azrael (1,4,14) Batman Annuals(27,28) Teen Titans(88, 89)  Power Girl (13,16,17,19) Batman: The return, Batgirl the road home, DCU Halloween Special 2010, Batmand robin the road home, Blackest Night Batman (1-3) Worlds Finest (1-4) Batman 80 Page giant, The Return of Bruce wayne(3 and 6)

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@nightwing91:  awesome list man
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@rowen545: Thanks  man
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@nightwing91:  Thank you kindly! 
Really appreciate it.
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... wow... just wow.

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