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Check out some of the internet's most informative comic book blogs!

There are a ton of comic book blogs scattered all throughout the internet, and as a result, a lot of information to sift through. While the majority are predominantly opinion pieces, there are several out there that are comic book related, that have a focus on the actual creative process as opposed to containing spoilers or focusing on the good and bad issues. Among these are a few of my favorites that I occasionally frequent that I find to be rather informative. Below are three of my favorites, that I highly recommend.

Nightwing Vol. 1 #109
While I may in the past have had complaints about some of her work (her run on Nightwing, specifically) I do commend her for her contributions to the industry by bringing about a female perspective during a time when it was considerably more male dominated than it is today. Having said that, her website is one of the best creator sites I have ever come across and I have often recommended it to many people who have asked me questions regarding starting out in the comic book industry. Writer Devin Grayson does a fantastic job summarizing and storing information about breaking into comics in her blog that I feel would be really helpful to anyone starting out. Not only does she approach the subject of how to start out, but she delves into the creative process by giving us examples of how one should script their work using her own work as a model. If you have not checked out her site 

One of my more recent discoveries was a blog entitled ComicCrazys, which I absolutely fell in love with. In it you can find everything from silver age Spider-Man to newspaper comic strip clippings. My favorite aspect of the blog, however, are the excerpts from a 3- volume set of books originally published in 1956 entitled ' Famous Artists Cartoon Course.' The blog highlights the traditional art techniques found within these volumes ranging from animals to lettering styles that existed long before the array of fonts on your computer. The blog is structured to look like a course in creating a comic book, each entry focusing on a specific subject. The structure of the blog reinforces the idea that each subject being discussed is equally important in the comic book creating process. I thought this was great. 

 Greg Rucka on 'Wonder Woman' Playboy cover
 Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #213
As far as opinion pieces go, writer Greg Rucka's blog is one of the most vocal I have ever read, particularly his posts regarding a 2008 issue of Playboy which featured a model dressed...well...painted, to look like Wonder Woman. Rucka, who penned Wonder Woman, wrote some of her greatest stories. He is also a sort of a vocal feminist, which I for one can really appreciate. If you have not yet checked out his blog, I recommend that you do so! 
I chose these because a lot of their content pertains to the creative process itself and are not necessarily just opinions, which I find helpful and instructive. What are some blogs that you frequent that you really enjoy? 
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Easter Card 2008
These are some interesting sites. It's nice to see the classic techniques in some of the lettering. Really, in this age it's pretty useless with computer lettering. It's simple, consistent, and quick. Pretty much your most basic editing software can do it now. Though, I actually do use some of those techniques when I'm putting comic lettering in holiday cards. I tend to draw quick little comics in birthday and holiday cards for some of my friends.
 How to Color for Comics by Guru eFX
There is one book that I always recommend to those who want to learn how to color comics. That is "How to Color for Comics" written by Guru e-FX. In this book he covers many different techniques in coloring. The really cool thing about the book is that it comes with a CD that has blank original art work from some Antarctic Press artists that you can practice on. This book doesn't use a lot of the techniques that I currently use, but what it does do it really helps to teach you some fundamentals that seriously come in handy.

An art blog that I really enjoy is the blog of my favorite artist Fred Perry. HERE. On here he shows you some of his commissions, personal projects, animation tests for his projects. He also has free comics he makes in his free time. Two expand on his own Gold Digger series. Ayane, about a female wrestlers life in friendship and finding love. Northern Edge, about the training of new members of the Edge Guard from the Jade Realm from Gold Digger. LvL Up, about Fred Perry's own Final Fantasy XI character. Seems he plays the Final Fantasy online mutiplayer game and bases his adventures there to make fun comic shorts on those events. On here he also does a Phoenix Wright parody using his FF XI characters. He even shows his animation work.
One should also check out his youtube page. There you can see trailers for the animated movies he makes and other projects. Such as his parody video of the song "Stacy's Mom". Remember, he does all the artwork himself.
Just thought I would share some of my favorites.
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Awesome. Really love the Gold Digger Time Raft 3 Preview,its...Great ^_^ 
The misi's mom is just pricless ^_^ 9999 HIT!! 
I want that Nightwing comic badly!!
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Thanks for sharing, Babs - I'll be visiting those sites often.

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@crazed h3ro: 
I like that Misi's gun only has two settings. Fire and Fire with no safety.
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I REALLY appreciate you sharing this with us. Thank you.

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